Week in Review

Thursday’s Brexit vote dominated the news. With the results in and U.K. voters having chosen by a slim margin to leave the E.U., GBTA  issued a statement on the outcome. Skift reported on what the Brexit vote means for the global tourism industry.

London’s Heathrow Airport is one of the biggest gateways to Europe, and Bloomberg looks at what Brexit could mean for international travelers. Many of the article’s findings are similar to what GBTA found in its overview of what Brexit could mean for business travelers. Two of Europe’s largest discount carriers – Ireland’s RyanAir and the U.K.’s easyJet have both indicated that Brexit could put an end to low-cost European air travel.

GBTA also released its Business Traveler Sentiment Index Global Report in partnership with American Express this week that focuses on business travelers’ attitudes toward business-related travel and those feelings impact their travel habits. Skift reported on new data from the report that found that the sharing economy is becoming more and more acceptable for business travelers, but corporate travel policies remain unclear on their appropriateness. Tnooz also reported on GBTA’s new data on the sharing economy and corporate travel policies.

Successful Meetings focused on the data point from the same Sentiment Index that three-quarters of business travelers are satisfied with their business travel while Buying Business Travel reported that one-third of business travelers want larger budgets to meet their business travel goals.

USA Today highlights how hard it is to comparison shop airlines for the lowest prices because of fees and add-ons. The article highlights how a base fare of $187 increases to over $277 with different fees. Fees aside, the base fare of First Class seats is dropping while free upgrades – one of the major perks of frequent travel – are becoming harder to come by according to a recent Skift article. Skift also reports on the micro-revolution that lead to United’s new Business Class seat configuration.

Travel Daily News reports on the European airport industry’s recent ACI Europe Annual Congress & General Assembly where the industry reported improving financials, shifting connectivity, but warned of disruptions on the horizon.

French air traffic controllers have joined the railroad and pilots in striking, causing delays and cancellations in flights to, from and within France, according to Buying Business Travel.

According to Business Today, business travel in Asia is growing four times faster than in North America and two and a half times faster than in Europe.

Your list for this week comes from the Business Journal:

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