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News Guidelines Mean Visa-Free Travel to Brazil for Many

Starting today, U.S. citizens will no longer need a visa to travel to Brazil.

Those with a valid passport can stay in Brazil for up to 90 days. They can extend for up to 180 days but that would require permission from Brazil’s Federal Police.

For years, U.S. citizens had to pay $160 to get a visa from Brazil and physically apply for it at a consulate. That was reduced to an online fee of $40. Now U.S. citizens will receive the same benefit as Latin American citizens who enjoy reciprocal visas from Brazil. Europeans too can travel there without a visa.

Citizens of Australia, Canada and Japan also will be able to get into Brazil without a visa under the new guidelines.

The decision was announced during Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to the White House in March.

The launch of the Brazilian e-Visa has resulted in a 40 percent increase of visa applications by U.S. citizens to Brazil, according to an op-ed published in O Globo newspaper and posted on the Brazilian embassy’s website.

The United States as well has facilitated visits from Brazilian citizens, issuing more then 640,000 visas to Brazilians in the 2018 fiscal year, a 12 percent increase over 2017, according to the op-ed.


What are the best and worst airports in the world?

If you’re traveling within the U.S., the best airport to fly in and out of is: Hollywood Burbank Airport.

That is according to Fodor’s Travel’s assessment of domestic and international airports. Fodor’s team of experts gave the awards to airports with cool amenities such as movie theaters, waterfalls, spas, cocktails, and more.

“Burbank is an airport free of most of the hassles that take the fun out of travel plans,” Fodor’s said in announcing its awards. “It’s an agreeable airport in a perfect location, which is why it’s at the top of our list of airports to love.”

Other reasons to love Hollywood Burbank Airport?

Parking is affordable, as low as $10 a day. The airport has two easy-to-navigate terminals a short walk from security. A Metrolink Station is within walking distance of the terminals, and there are good food options.

The facility is also close to popular attractions such as Universal Studios and Beverly Hills.

Which airport got the award for the worst in the world? Hollywood’s cousin airport: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the fourth busiest airport in the world with 87.5 million flying through there last year.

LAX earned the dubious title because of all the traffic people have to go through to get there. Fodor’s calculated that it requires 30 minutes to travel to any terminal, thanks in part to its horseshoe motor-loop of a design. The airport is also always in various phases of construction, which adds to the chaos, Fodor’s reports.

There was more good news than bad news on Fodor’s list.

Singapore Changi Airport was named the best international airport. That’s not much of a surprise as this airport consistently ranks high on best airport lists. According to Fodor’s, it offers great shopping and cuisine. Terminal 1 has been recently expanded and now includes Jewel Changi, with gardens, interactive exhibits, and two mazes.

Fodor’s named London Heathrow Airport as the best airport for shopping.

“There’s a shopping experience for every passenger on every budget,” Fodor’s wrote.

Passengers can also reserve products online before their flight and pick them up at the airport.

Newark Liberty International Airport does not always get accolades. But Fodor’s named it the best airport for foodies. Terminal C, in particular, has cuisine from celebrity chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Dale Talde.

The best tiny airport is Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming. It’s located inside a national park, Grand Teton, and offers incredible views when you arrive.

“Whether you’re en route to the rodeo or the slopes, Jackson Hole’s airport is sure to be one of the highlights of your journey,” Fodor’s wrote.


Airfares increase

Even though fuel prices continue to decrease, airlines are hiking their airfares.

For the second time in five weeks, airfares have increased just in time for the busy summer season.

UPI reports that last week, American Airlines raised fares by $5 for one-way domestic flights. Southwest Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines also increased prices, according to the news agency.

Airlines have a smaller supply of seats, partly because of the grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max fleet.

American and Southwest have said they won’t fly their Boeing 737 Max’s until September. United has said it won’t fly them until August.


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