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Resumen de la semana

los Resumen de la semana La publicación regresa esta semana para mantenerlo actualizado sobre las últimas noticias sobre viajes de negocios.

A special business travel insert appeared last Friday in the Toronto Star. GBTA’s Director of Operations for Canada shared her thoughts on the latest trends in business travel as well as business travel’s role in driving the Canadian economy. Members of the GBTA Canada Advisory Board also shared their tips to make your business trip more efficient.

On Monday, GBTA filed comments with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) calling for transparency and consistency when it comes to baggage fees and other ancillary fees. GBTA told Reuniones exitosas that business travelers and their companies must be presented with an accurate and trackable view of fares and fees. The Washington Post’s Dr. Gridlock blog also reported that several consumer and trade organizations including GBTA asked the DOT to require that airlines give a more complete accounting of baggage fees, change charges and other costs faced by air passengers.

Photo Credit: Kenneth Lu
Photo Credit: Kenneth Lu

Fast Company provides an innovative look into the future with eight ways rail travel could evolve by 2050.

Photo Credit: Simon Pielow
Photo Credit: Simon Pielow

Continued struggles and flight delays in Chicago put travel mishaps front and center in the news. USA Today’s Charisse Jones escribi sobre how the snarl in Chicago could cost the airlines millions and also addressed the impact on the travelers. On Tuesday morning the Today Show talked about the continued chaos created from grounded and delayed flights in Chicago.

A principios de esta semana, la Fundación GBTA publicó un estudio focused on dynamic hotel pricing. Noticias de viajes de negocios reporter Michael Baker wrote most travel buyers who have adopted dynamic-pricing agreements in their hotel programs are satisfied with the results, according to the study. A Reuniones exitosas artículo called dynamic pricing: the next trend in business travel.

Ebola has been all over the news with the first ebola diagnosis in the United States. One article asks if airports should screen passengers for ebola and discusses the risks for ebola transmission and air travel. Hugo Martin of the Los tiempos de Los Ángeles escribe sobre the ebola case focusing attention on the procedures airlines use to keep cabins clean and safe for passengers.

Finalmente, CNN informes about a new airport scanner that could make going through security a breeze. Now that sounds like something business travelers could get behind.