GBTA Foundation Rolls Out New Car Rental RFP

The GBTA Foundation today unveiled the new GBTA Request for Proposal (RFP) for Car Rental, in partnership with Enterprise. The updated RFP is global, includes a sustainability module and is more efficient and easier to use.

A task force made up of representatives from across the industry including car rental agencies, Travel Management Companies and buyers worked to update and develop this new resource for the 2017 negotiating season and beyond. The final product achieves our main objective to create an RFP that can become the universal travel industry standard. It is a global RFP that is easier to use, more efficient, and more effective at specifying what the customer is looking for and establishing the evaluation criteria for assessment.

“The integrity of the RFP process is extremely important to the businesses and travel managers we work with every day,” said Claire Carstensen, Global Sustainability Manager for Enterprise Holdings. “By making this RFP template available globally industrywide, there is consistency and transparency when they are choosing the best partners to handle their business. In addition, the new updated RFP is designed with a comprehensive sustainability section, an increasingly critical issue that all companies need to be prepared to address as part of their supply chain.”

This truly impressive resource is the result of an extensive process and the culmination of a lot of hard work with stakeholders across the travel industry. Over several months, the task force reviewed the existing Car Rental RFP, updated sections where necessary, removed outdated pieces, discussed what might be missing and also added a completely new sustainability module.

Available free of charge to all, this RFP is designed to become the new industry standard for travel professionals, simplifying and easing the RFP process. Download the new Car Rental RFP here.

Interested in learning more? Please join a complimentary GBTA Foundation webinar this Thursday at 2pm ET featuring Claire Carstensen, Global Sustainability Manager, Enterprise Holdings. Claire will provide an in-depth walk through of the new Car Rental RFP form now available for travel professionals. Participants will learn how to access the new template, understand the main areas of the Car Rental RFP and learn the benefits of including the Sustainability Module in your RFP process.

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