GBTA Urges Resolution of 5G Rollout Concerns Related To Air Travel Safety

January 19, 2022- Recent uncertainty and concerns have arisen around the potential disruptions and impact on air travel related to the rollout of high speed 5G networks in the U.S. Mid-day reports show little impact due to the agreement to minimize the use of 5G around airports.

GBTA is pleased with today’s results, but questions remain. To that end, GBTA urges all stakeholders involved to quickly address and resolve the concerns to ensure optimal safety and the continuation of air travel. With an average of over 45,000 flights filled with 2.9 million people (about the population of Connecticut) a day across the U.S.*, any issues that threaten the safety of all travelers and air travel overall should be paramount.

These concerns over the safety of air travel are currently causing flights to be rerouted and cancelled. GBTA calls on the U.S. Biden Administration to assist in fully resolving this issue immediately.

– statement from Suzanne Neufang, CEO, GBTA


*Source: FAA.gov