Google Shutting Down Trips App in Favor of Google Travel

Google Trips app users need to mark this date: Aug. 5. That’s when the app will officially shut down.

The app debuted in September 2016 and became a handy tool for frequent business travelers. It would help them organize all their airplane, hotel, car rental, and other reservations in one place, information which would normally be spread out around a traveler’s Gmail inbox.

It also leveraged Google Maps by providing information on nearby attractions, restaurants and other places to explore. Users could even use the app offline by downloading their information to their phones.

But Google got into a crowded market as there are many trip organization apps available such as TripIt, TripCase and Roadtrippers.

Google Trips had some success in its short life, with more than 5 million downloads on the Play store and a 4.1 rating, according to the Ars Technica website, which covers the technology industry.

Google will now turn its attention to its site, where users can search for flights, hotels and packages.

Until Aug. 5, Google Trips app users can still access and email all of their trip reservations and notes as normal. But Aug. 5 is when support for the app will end.

Google has this to say to users: “You can find your favorite Google Trips app features in Google Search and Google Maps.”

Travelers will have to log into their Google Account to do so.

To find things to do at a destination, such as restaurants to eat at, they can search for “things to do” or go to and click on the “Explore” tab.

To get their trip reservations, they can search for “my trips” or go to They will be able to edit their trip details. Soon, they will be able to add and edit notes. And they can find saved flights and–also coming soon–hotels for upcoming and past trips.

They will also find Google Trips app features in Google Maps. But they will have to get the Google Maps app to access most of those features.

To find things to do at a destination, they can swipe up on the “Explore” tab or search for that destination. To find their saved places, they can tap “Menu” then “Your places” then “Saved.”

Soon on Google Maps, they will be able to see their trip reservations by tapping “Menu” then “Your places” then “Upcoming.” The reservations will be organized by trip. Users will also have access to them offline.

But if travelers are looking for a fully mobile travel organization option, they will have to turn to one of Google’s soon to be former competitors in that market.