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Combining the right talent, a fresh vision, and exclusive mentorship to help you develop your career and climb to the top.


GBTA Ladders is a unique team mentor program that affords members an opportunity to not only expand their professional development within the travel and meetings industry, but to also gain true lifelong colleagues & friends. GBTA Ladders Program Mentors are highly accomplished executives with proven success in the travel business from both buyer and supplier organizations. These passionate industry leaders volunteer their time to guide talented members of the corporate travel community by helping them build connections, knowledge, and skills – helping shape the future of the business travel industry.  Each year GBTA Ladders looks for the best and the brightest around the travel industry to join our ever growing family of GBTA Ladders Mentees. We strive to select professionals with the highest merits and qualifications; such as individuals in fast-track executive management or similar management programs within their companies.

GBTA Ladders is a group of managed travel’s emerging industry leaders joining together for the dual purpose of:

  • Mentorship, education and collaboration
  • Leveraging our collective talents to help shape the next generation and the evolution of the industry

The mission of GBTA Ladders program is to create an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas and invigorates interest in the business of travel among the next generation of business travel professionals.


“We set out to create an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas and invigorates interest in the business of travel among the next generation of professionals, rather than just bringing a group of people together because of their age. Young business professionals need more than just networking, they need help balancing work, life and continuing education while they focus on improving their business skills, career goals and develop a vital network of colleagues,”

- Founder and Committee Staff Delegate Caitlin Gomez.


Program Composition

  • Leadership Team
  • Ladders Groups: 3-4 mentees and 1 mentor in each team


How GBTA Ladders Works

  • One topic chosen for the annual session
  • Prior topics: Future Of Travel, Travel Impacts of Emerging Technology, Total Cost Of Travel.
  • A subject matter expert will present to entire Group on conference call
  • Teams will meet separately and prepare presentations
  • Leadership will pick top 3 to present to the Group at GBTA Ladders Conference
  • Winner (chosen by Group) will present at a GBTA Convention education session

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GBTA Ladders Summit 2018

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The future of travel management is to think of the traveler as a consumer and treat them as such. Understand their needs and then market to them, all linked back to the culture and environment the company wants to create for its employees.