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About GBTA Government Relations

GBTA advocates for policies that better the business travel industry, representing travel buyers and the travelers they manage. Business travelers are a consistently underrepresented constituency, despite the fact that the business travel industry represents $1.3 trillion in business travel and meetings expenditures annually. Business travel is also a major driver for jobs and the economy, responsible for 7.4 million jobs in the United States, 1.2 million jobs in Mexico and nearly a half million jobs in Canada. With more than 9,000 global members, regional partners, 39 local chapters and affiliates, and a network of 30,000 business travel and meetings professionals, GBTA is the voice of the global business travel industry. GBTA actively speaks out on policy issues across the globe and frequently meets with representatives in Washington, D.C. and Brussels in an effort to advance the business travel industry.

What We Do

Government Relations advocates policies that benefit the business travel industry. Along with GBTA members across the country, we educate members of Congress and governments abroad, their staff, and executive branch officials about:

  • How business travel stimulates economic and jobs growth
  • Pro-Business Travel Government policies
  • Benefits of efficient travel buying and selling
  • Government policies and taxes that discourage or impede business travel

Upcoming Events

North America

Advocacy Resources

Rules of<br>the Road

We mobilized our members to create a declaration of travel reform to guide the industry, business leaders and policy makers in creating a travel ecosystem that fosters growth, jobs, safety and efficiency around the globe. The Rules of the Road consists of eight guiding principles including safety and security, taxes, competition, fee clarity, communication, innovation, traveler experience and quality and connectivity. Together these principles will help to make the global travel systems safer, more secure, more reliable and a better place to conduct and facilitate business.

Review Rules of the Road

US Advocacy<br>Guide

The US advocacy guide is designed to provide the basic terms, background and issues related to business travel advocacy to educate the user and enhance their participation at the international, federal, state and local levels. It includes details on the various government relations programs and initiatives, as well as definitions of the governmental and legislative terminology that may be encountered. Both the novice and experienced participant will find this guide to be a valuable resource to support all of their advocacy activities.

Government Relations Guide


One of GBTA’s most important voices is our chapters. GBTA has 39 chapters and affiliates across the country. GBTA’s chapters are important association constituencies. GBTA hosts regular “Travel Talk” Roundtables with members of Congress and their staff to educate them on issues that affect business travel.

Government Relations Committee

The mission of the Government Relations Committee is to review, research, and make recommendations on legislation and policies that impact the business travel community and to help determine GBTA’s legislative agenda.

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The 12th Annual Government Relations Challenge Is On!

Win a reserved table for ALL 3 Convention Arena Luncheons at GBTA Convention 2018


• Grand Prize – One (1) reserved table of 10 for each division winner for each of the three (3) Convention Arena Luncheons at GBTA Convention 2018.

• Runner Up - One (1) reserved table of 10 for each division runner-up for one (1) Convention Arena Luncheon at GBTA Convention 2018.

• All Challenge Partners – receive a web sticker to display on Chapters/Affiliates website recognizing Challenge Partner status.

• All Challenge Partners – receive a photo-op with one (1) of the Convention Arena Luncheon Speakers.

Engage your elected officials and meet each task below to be recognized as a Challenge Partner.

• Invite an elected official to speak at a Chapter/Affiliate meeting or host a Government Relations focused meeting with a representative from GBTA

• Appoint a liaison to the GBTA Government Relations Committee

• Fundraise for the Business Travel PAC!

• Achieve a minimum of 30% of Chapter/Affiliate members contributing PAC donations

• Funds raised since July 8th, 2017 count! Challenge runs from July 8, 2017 – July 27, 2018.

• Chapters/Affiliates are divided into three groups based on membership size. Each group must raise the minimum amount

to qualify.

     - Large Chapters/Affiliates (201 or more members): $1,500

     - Medium Chapters/Affiliates (101-200 members): $1,000

     - Small Chapters/Affiliates (up to 100 members): $500

• The Partners in each division that raise the most PAC money above the minimum amount wins!

• It is the responsibility of each Chapters/Affiliates to follow the Federal PAC requirements and your State PAC requirements when soliciting PAC donations.

The Chapters/Affiliates who collects the highest PAC amount from other Political Action Committees will have one (1) reserved table for each of the three (3) Convention Arena Luncheons at GBTA Convention 2018.

Why Donate to the Business Travel PAC?

GBTA fights to:

• Lower Travel Taxes

• Create a Better Infrastructure

• Defend Passenger Rights

Our PAC supports representatives on both sides of the aisle that champion travel issues. Simply put, GBTA advocacy helps keep business moving.

I’m a Member How do I donate?


I’m not a Member, How do I donate?

Federal PAC Rules state that you must be a member of an organization to donate to their PAC. If you’re a Chapter/Affiliate Member, please contact the Government Relations representative to make arrangements.

Chapters/Affiliates wishing to send in PAC Funds:
Checks or Money Orders *Do Not Send Cash or Credit Card Numbers payable to Business Travel PAC may be mailed via FedEx or UPS to:

Business Travel PAC
1101 King Street, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22314
+1 703 684 0836

*Don’t Forget to include your Chapter/Affiliate Name and email on your spreadsheet and Tracking number to*

Government Relations Challenge Resources for Chapters/Affiliates:

Download and Share with your Members  - Flier

Download Instructions For Submitting Donations

Download Donation Spreadsheet