Politics of Travel Updates on Canada and EU, Reaction to US position and French Fries

Happy September! I don’t know about you, but work hit me like a wrecking ball the Tuesday after Labor Day. We have a lot of items to cover, so sit back, read, and listen to this special song about how I feel about our global elected officials coming back. 

CANADIAN ROAM: As of midnight Monday night, the Canadian government has added fully vaccinated foreign nationals to the ranks of travelers who are once again welcome on Canadian soil.

To be eligible, travelers must have allowed at least 14 days to pass since their last vaccine shot and show proof of a negative molecular test for COVID-19 that’s no more than 72 hours old. Travelers are required to use the ArriveCAN app or online web portal to upload their vaccination details. GBTA has been working towards this and are pleased with the outcome – PROGRESS.

FRENCH FRY OIL POWERED JETS: GBTA and U.S. airlines have endorsed the Sustainable Skies Act from Reps. Brad Schneider (D-IL), Dan Kildee (D-MI), and Julia Brownley (D-CA). GBTA is a part of a coalition pushing  for a tax credit of $1.50 to $2 per gallon in the budget reconciliation bill. This credit would increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel at a price that would allow airlines to use more of it.

Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is made by converting biomass, such as forest and crop waste, into low-carbon crude oil that can be used to produce aviation fuel.

Forest and agricultural waste could provide enough biomass to generate more than 17 billion gallons of jet fuel and displace 75 percent of U.S. aviation fuel, according to the Department of Energy. In addition to this, GBTA is pushing for inclusion of other items in the Reconciliation bill we believe will aid the industry. Stay tuned.

I WANT TO ATTEND GBTA EUROPE CONFERENCE IN DECEMBER: In response to the European Union’s recommendation to remove the United States from the European Union’s green list on August 30, GBTA and the Finnish Business Travel Association (FBTA), Association Italian Travel Mobility Manager (AITMM), Swedish Business Travel Association (SBTA), Austria Business Travel Association (ABTA), Netherlands Association of Travel Management (NATM) and Iberian Business Travel Association (IBTA) called for countries to keep travel corridors open for fully vaccinated US travelers. The letters were sent to government leaders in Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Italy and Netherlands advising governments to follow the science and not return to blanket quarantine, regardless of vaccination or recovery status. To date, most EU countries have not acted on the recommendation. However, you will need to check each country you and your travelers are planning to go to. To aid this, remember to check on the GBTA front page to access sherpaSee you in Berlin!

JUDD NELSON: Last night, President Biden outlined a COVID plan with 6 main areas of action:1 – Increase vax among the unvaccinated, 2 – Continue to protect the vaccinated, 3 – Keep Children Safe, 4 – Increased Testing and Masking, 5 – Protecting our economic recovery, 6 – Improve the care for those that get sick. All positive goals. Not mentioned in this is any timeline or plan to end the border restrictions for vaccinated travel from the U.K. European Union, Mexico or Canada, all of which have higher rates of vaccinated citizens than the U.S. (view here)

DC IS A ZOO! Earlier this week, I turned on the local news and saw that Zebras were loose and running around a Maryland county near the U.S. Capitol. I think I will stick with keeping unicorns on my farm.

Take a minute on Saturday for remembrance.


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