Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification

The GTP® Certification is designed to raise industry standards, enhance work performance, and recognize individuals who demonstrate core competencies essential to the business travel management discipline.

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The GTP® Certification Program brings the following key benefits to recipients:

  • Facilitates professional growth and development
  • Demonstrates a commitment to leadership and knowledge of the industry at large
  • Recognition and career advancement

The GTP® Certification benefits the business travel industry as a whole by:

  • Curating a body of knowledge for business travel professionals
  • Measuring and maintaining industry knowledge in a valid and reliable way
  • Granting recognition to industry professionals who meet the successfully pass the exam
  • Elevating the status and credibility of professionals in the business travel industry

GTP Exam


Spring Exam

April 20 - May 29, 2020
Application Deadline 3/18


Fall Exam

October 01 - November 17, 2020
Application Deadline 8/26

Exam Fees (in USD):

GBTA Members: $350
Non-Members: $450

Exam Fees (in Euro):
GBTA Europe members: €300 (ex. VAT)
Non-members: €400 (ex. VAT)

Exam Preparation

Exam Candidate Handbook

This handbook will have all the necessary details on timeline and things to expect once you have submitted an application for review. Link below is to the 2018 Candidate Handbook.

View Exam Candidate Handbook >

Test Content Outline

The Body of Knowledge is based on a job analysis survey of knowledge and skills needed for business travel professionals. The four major domains of knowledge tested by the examination are Strategic Business Planning, Buyer/Supplier Relations, Travel Program Administration, and Data/Analytics/Finance.

Look at the information included under each domain to assess your skills and knowledge and ascertain your strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify what you need to study, prioritize the list according to your knowledge level and spend the most time studying the topics you know least about. Another good strategy is to think about a question that could be asked for each topic.

View Test Content Outline >

Global Travel Professional® (GTP) - Suggested Resource List
Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification Online Preparation Course

GTP certified travel professionals will tap into their extensive experience to provide real-world examples and insight into the four domains covered on the GTP exam. GBTA is in the process of updating the materials. If you have any questions, please email

Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification Study Guide

The Guide is designed to reflect and describe generally accepted knowledge, norms, and practices prevalent in the business travel industry. It was created by a panel of subject matter experts who have achieved the GTP® Certification but who have not been involved in the development of the GTP Certification exam. The content of the Guide reflects knowledge areas those subject matter experts believe are priorities for travel professionals. While the Guide leverages and cross-references sources to support the topics, the bulk of the content is original.

To receive a copy please email

Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Online Practice Test

The online practice test is an optional tool candidates may use as they prepare for the certification examination. The practice test consists of 50 questions and may be taken twice with each purchase. After completing the online practice test, you will receive an instant score report showing test performance in each of the content areas. Learn more >

Cost: $75 for two opportunities to access the exam

Exam Overview and Process

The GTP® examination consists of 125 multiple choice questions and is offered in English only. Only one of the four answer choices is correct. There are no trick questions. There are no “all of the above” and “none of the above” responses.

Candidates will only be scored on 100 out of the 125 questions. This is because 25 are considered pretest questions and are placed randomly throughout the examination. Pretest questions do not affect the score and are used to collect statistical data and to ensure the test connects to the established test content. This process is critical to ensuring that questions are statistically accurate and the item bank is continuously updated.

General Information about the Development of the GTP® Examination

GBTA performs continuous job analyses to ensure certification testing reflects the most current demands of professional practice in conjunction with our exam partner, Professional Testing Corporation. The development of the examination follows internationally recognized and accepted procedures for content, validity, and reliability of scores.

Business travel professionals from across the globe are surveyed to evaluate the level of knowledge, skills, and expertise expected within the industry. Subject matter experts then develop the examination questions based on the results of this job survey. To assist in this process, the GBTA Professional Development team has partnered with Professional Examination Service, a highly regarded professional testing service organization that assists in maintaining and enhancing the GTP Certification.

Validity & Reliability of the Exam

The GTP® Certification examination is designed to meet testing industry standards for validity and reliability.

  • Validity is the degree to which the content of the examination reflects the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of a business travel professional.
  • Reliability is the accuracy of the examination results; that is, the test and results are delivered in a consistent manner.


Statement of Non-Discrimination

The GBTA Professional Development endorses the principles of equal opportunity. Eligibility criteria for the examination and certification as a Global Travel Professional are applied equally to all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, and/or disability.

The Day of the Test
The name you use to register for the exam must be IDENTICAL to the name that appears on the photo identification you present on the day of the test. If the name you used when registering for the exam does not match the name on your ID, you will be considered ineligible to take the exam. Contact the Certification Department immediately if you believe that you provided a name other than that on your photo ID.

GTP® Recertification

The GTP® Recertification Program is designed as a continuum of learning and professional development. Recertification helps you stay well-versed in concepts, technology, principles, and best practices shaping the industry.

To recertify as a GTP, individuals must obtain at least 50 recertification credits prior to expiration OR demonstrate competency by successfully passing another GTP examination. To read more about the recertification program, download the Recertification Handbook

If you have collected all 50 recertification credits, visit the Recertification Portal