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Each year, GBTA Regions honors a select group of experienced travel professionals with the elite Business Travel Service Award (BTSA).  These GBTA members have distinguished themselves to their company, their association (both local and national), their fellow business associates and have made contributions to the business travel industry.  To be considered for the BTSA, individuals:

  • Must be a member of GBTA and/or their local chapter or partner association (where applicable)
  • Must have a minimum of three (3) years active involvement in the travel or meetings & events industry (US, Canada)
  • Must have served as an officer, director, board, or committee chair or co-chair in their local chapter (US)
  • Must have served as an industry volunteer at the local, national or global level (EMEA, Canada)
  • Must demonstrate pursuit of continuing education in the field of business travel or meetings & events (US, Canada)

Join us in recognizing our dedicated member recipients!

US Region: Learn more and view past winners here

2023Dan Humby
Andrea Giuricin
Hilde Dahm-Simonsen
Faiz Mimita
Charles Crowder
Jennifer Urquhart
Nidia Quintero
Monica Crawfurd
Carl Jones
2022Jorge Mesa
Robyn Christie
Carine Morin
Marayka Wilson
Jodi Francks       
2021Christian RosenbaumBertie Fernandes
Brook Davis
2020Juliet Howie
Roberta Billè
Rene Proske
Sharlene Ketwaroo-Nanoo
Stephen Anderson
2019Flavio Ghiringhelli
Jafles Pacheco
Marayka Wilson
Jodi Francks 
2018Minna Torppa
Douglas O’Neill
Olivier Benoit
Alex Ferdinand
Connie Smith
2017Teemu Tuomarla
Marc Zuber
Nicola Lomas
Shelly Lewchuck
Ian Race
2016Roman Morice     
Cathrine Lundberg
Roman Hernandez
Javier Rosas Best
 Hamish Wang
Becky Cao


We are continuing to compile our previous recipients, please check back for updates!   Are you a past recipient?  Let us know here!