The Ladders Experience

A couple months ago, we highlighted the experience of last year’s winning GBTA Ladders team, Team Erin and Andrew. Led by co-mentors Erin Wilk and Andrew Miller, the team consisted of five passionate leaders representing various verticals within the industry.

Mentees Norman Gregory III, Kate King, Luther Shoultz, Christopher Thomas, and Katharine Williams worked with their mentors across different time zones, and sometimes countries, to prepare a presentation on an issue pertaining to the business travel industry for a chance to present at a GBTA Convention education session.

We recently re-connected with the winning team to gain a different perspective on their involvement within the program. When asked to sum up their GBTA Ladders experience in one word, the participants answered with the following: valuable, enlightening, fulfilling, extraordinary, knowledge, impactful (and a bonus one – fun!), and inspiring.  

As for takeaways from the program, one participant learned to always look to build teams consisting of people from diverse backgrounds, noting the power in bringing together a group of diverse, intelligent and resourceful individuals. A handful of others welcomed the opportunity to break out of their comfort zone and tackle challenges like public speaking in front of large crowds head-on. Lastly, and as with everything in life, one participant commented, “You get out of it what you put into it”.

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