A Travel Policy Void

New research from the GBTA Foundation sheds light on the impact that ride-sharing companies are having on the business travel industry. While one in four companies do not allow their travelers to use ride-sharing companies, many have no policy in place, creating risks for companies and travelers alike.

A panel Tuesday at GBTA Convention in Orlando addressed what companies can do to close the gap as well as how to ensure a level playing field in the marketplace.

The panel was moderated by GBTA Executive Director and COO Mike McCormick, who was joined by John Rose, Chief Operating Officer of iJET International; Scott Solombrino, President and CEO Dav El / Boston Coach Chauffeured Transportation Network; and David Seelinger, Chairman and CEO EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services.


Panelists said that amazing new technologies have come to market, but travel buyers need to take steps to ensure that they have sound policies in place to ensure Duty of Care.

John shared his perspective that taxis represent the greatest exposure to risk, whether it’s through an accident, bad experience or risk of credit card fraud.

Scott and David raised questions about the safety and security of ride-sharing companies, and called for robust background checks with fingerprints, as well as providing for fair treatment of employees.

They also called for a “level playing field” to ensure a fair and competitive marketplace, and urged travel buyers to put in place policies that protect their employees and their companies.

All in all, the ground transportation industry is one of dynamic change. Over the next few years, technology will continue to change the marketplace, and the hope is that it will be in ways that protect consumers and provide higher levels of service.

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