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June 4, 2024: [Podcast] AI and the Quest for the Perfect Trip: A Conversation with Steve Singh
June 5, 2024: U.S. Business Travel Responsible for 2% of U.S. GDP and 3.5% of Employment, According to GBTA Economic Study

June 6, 2024: AI-Powered Chatbots Gain Popularity Among Business Travelers
June 7, 2024: Growing Global Middle Class, Improving Business Travel Boost Outlook for Hotel Brands
June 10, 2024: Introducing the GBTA Sustainable Procurement Standards for Hotels
June 11, 2024: Check-in with Suzanne; Championing the Uniqueness, Value and Impact of Business Travel
June 12, 2024:  [Podcast]  Careers, Change and Hot Topics: Insights from GBTA’s Latest Industry Poll

June 13, 2024: GBTA Board Spotlight: The Times, They Are A-Changing… 
June 14, 2024: Air Transport Industry Improves Baggage Handling Despite Surge in Passenger Traffic, Says SITA
June 17, 2024: GBTA U.S. Legislative Summit Brings the Voices of Business Travel to Policymakers to Advance Industry Priorities
June 18, 2024: GBTA Launches Global Equity Program to Support Business Travel Professionals in Emerging Markets through Sponsored Memberships

June 19, 2024: Technology and Sustainability in Hotels
June 20, 2024: Employers Told to Strengthen Support for LGBTQ+ Business Travellers
June 21, 2024: Travel Managers Struggle with Tighter Budgets

June 24, 2024: GBTA Board View: Are You Ready for GBTA Convention 2024? – A Buyer/Supplier Perspective
June 25, 2024: Check-in with Suzanne: Work, Wellness and Wanderlust – Why Not All Three?
June 26, 2024: These Are the World’s Cleanest Airlines for 2024
June 27, 2024: GBTA Holds Annual Business Meeting, Announces 2024 Board Election Results

June 28, 2024:  These Are the Best Airlines in the World to Fly in Business Class, According to Travelers

May 1, 2024: Business Travel Survives the Zoom Era, as Leaders Jump Back on Flights
May 2, 2024: Hybrid and Remote Work Increases Travel
May 3, 2024: IATA: March Global Air Traffic Remains Solid

May 6, 2024: Airport Facial Recognition Battle Echoes Pushback Against Real ID Program
May 7, 2024: FAA Launches New Investigation into Boeing’s 787 Inspections
May 8, 2024: Here’s What North American Airline Passengers Really Think About the State of Air Travel

May 9, 2024: Industry Makes Progress to Reduce Baggage Mishandling, New Survey Reveals
May 10, 2024: Regulations Could Be Coming to Airline Credit Card Reward Programs

May 13, 2024: How AI Is Helping Airlines Mitigate the Climate Impact of Contrails
May 14, 2024: Check-in with Suzanne: I Overheard This Business Traveler…
May 15, 2024: Major US Airlines Forecast a 6.3% Increase in Summer Travel 
May 16, 2024: Top Meeting Destinations and Top Meeting Hotels in Asia-Pacific for 2024

May 17, 2024: AI Takes Flight in Airline Pricing
May 20, 2024: [Podcast] It’s Time to Bring Accessibility Center Stage in Business Travel
May 21, 2024: The 3 Major Airline Alliances: Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam – Why Are They Good?

May 22, 2024: Business Travel Resurgence: Major U.S. Airlines Report Healthy Bookings
May 23, 2024: GBTA Board Spotlight: Crisis of Confidence? Remember: You’ve Got This!
May 24, 2024: Navigating the New Era: Outlook and Innovations for Travel Industry Recovery by 2024

May 28, 2024: Check-in with Suzanne:  When It Comes to Advocacy, Every Voice and Vote Matters
May 29, 2024: Can Airlines, Officials Better Forecast Severe Turbulence to Help Avoid It?
May 30, 2024: Asia-Pacific Airlines Are Speeding Up to 100% Recovery
May 31, 2024: American Airlines CEO Vows A Reset as Downbeat Outlook Sinks Shares

April 1, 2024: Airlines: Extend the Runway on SAF Tax Credits
April 2, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: The Many Ways We’re Putting The “G” in GBTA
April 3, 2024: Economy Airline Tickets Are More Expensive, But Business Class Has Actually Gotten Cheaper
April 4, 2024: How Generative AI Is Impacting Revenue Management for Hotels
April 5, 2024: IATA’s Walsh Optimistic About Airline Prospects in 2024

April 8, 2024: [Podcast] GBTA Board View: Regional Insights on Business Travel
April 9, 2024: New Report Highlights Work on Single Use Plastics
April 10, 2024: Airlines Struggle with Lack of Planes as Summer Travel Set to Hit Record Levels
April 11, 2024: GBTA Board Spotlight: Reflections of a Road Warrior: The Challenges of Staying Healthy While Traveling 
April 12, 2024: Business Travel Agencies Boost Tech Investment with Focus on Automation
April 15, 2024: Managing Business Travel in the Age of the Climate Imperative

April 16, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: Education, Connection and Inclusivity Help Put The “G” in Global Business Travel
April 17, 2024: Airlines May Get Rid of Reclining Economy Class Seats for Good, Expert Says — Here’s Why
April 18, 2024: Google Launches New Features for Travel
April 19, 2024: Business Travel Picks Up, Bolstering Outlook for US Airlines

April 22, 2024: Interview: Why Is Sustainable Aviation Fuel So Hard to Come By for Low-Cost Airlines?
April 23, 2024: Airlines Say Tech Companies Driving Rebound in Business Travel
April 24, 2024: Frequent Flyer: Rethinking Companies Business Travel Approach

April 25, 2024: Hotel Guest Satisfaction Rises Again
April 26, 2024: MICE Index: New Trends in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions Industry
April 29, 2024: Revitalized Indian Corporate Travel Market to Touch $60 Billion Next Year
April 30, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: Like, Love and Longevity – the Career Outlook for Business Travel Professionals in 2024

March 1, 2024: Why Railway Is the Future of Global Business Travel?
March 4, 2024: [Podcast]Sustainability Is a Team Sport | The Carbon Compass
March 5, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: From Innovation to Inclusion, GBTA Shares Insights and Embraces Change

March 6, 2024: Travel, Tourism Experts Upbeat on Industry’s Growth
March 7, 2024: 5 Interesting Air Travel Insights & Trends That Will Define the Industry in 2024
March 8, 2024: Hotels on the Way to Net Zero
March 11, 2024: Even as Lines Between Business and Leisure Travel Blur, Hoteliers Say Segmentation Is Key

March 12, 2024: Why Flying Is Still Safe Despite High-Profile Problems
March 13, 2024: U.S. Airport Nasal Swabbing Expanding to Chicago and Miami
March 14, 2024: GBTA Board Spotlight: Transparency is Key to a Successful Buyer/Supplier Relationship 
March 15, 2024: GBTA Launches Industry’s First Global Sustainable Procurement Standards to Pave the Way for Responsible Practices in Business Travel

March 18, 2024: Pace of Travel Industry Transformation to Accelerate
March 19, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: The Power of Leadership, Collaboration and People
March 20, 2024: Group Demand, Weekday Business Travel Fuel Hotel Profitability in Top US Markets
March 21, 2024: Who Has Your Name, Flight Info? DOT to Review How Airlines Are Handling Passenger Data

March 22, 2024: In-Person Business Resurges Amid Virtual Meeting Fatigue
March 25, 2024: AmexGBT Buys Rival CWT for $570mn in Bet on Business Travel
March 26, 2024: AI and What It Means for Business Travel Management
March 27, 2024: Are Flight Subscriptions Starting to Take Off?

March 28, 2024: Airlines Face Challenges with Aircraft Orders and Demand for Sustainable Flights
March 29, 2024: China’s Business Travel Market Enjoys Robust Recovery

February 1, 2024: Why Hotels Should Ride the GDS Wave in 2024 and Beyond
February 2, 2024: Google Will Update Flight Emissions Calculations in Its Travel Impact Model

February 5, 2024: Elevating Hospitality in 2024: The Role of QR Codes
February 6, 2024: Check In with Suzanne: The Future of Business Travel Includes Not Flying Solo
February 7, 2024: Airlines & Airports Invest More in IT for Better Passenger Experience & Sustainability
February 8, 2024: Maximizing Hotel Performance in the Year Ahead

February 9, 2024: Improving Air Travel: Can Aviation Fly Higher?
February 12, 2024: Technology Making Air Travel Industry More Sustainable
February 13, 2024: Airlines Issue Waivers, Cancel Over 1,000 US Flights as Winter Storm Hits the Northeast
February 14, 2024: Despite Backlash, Here’s Why Airlines Need to Weigh Passengers
February 15, 2024: GBTA Board Spotlight: Connecting with Purpose at Convention 
February 16, 2024: Hotel Leaders Push for Greater Innovation 
February 19, 2024: How Carriers Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Cost Reductions & Operational Efficiencies

February 20, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: The Importance of Community and Where You Can Find It
February 21, 2024: [Podcast] Travel Management in the Age of AI
February 22, 2024: Championing a Tech-Driven Path to Sustainability

February 23, 2024: Good for Business: Why More Airlines Should Embrace Free WiFi
February 26, 2024: Remote Work Isn’t Killing Business Travel – It’s Transforming It
February 27, 2024: Global Entry Introduces Faster Enrollment Process for Travelers 
February 28, 2024: Rail Travel Is Almost Nine Times Greener Than by Car on the Top 100 Business Routes New Figures Show
February 29, 2024: Should HR Call the Shots on Business Travel?

January 2, 2024: Top Travel Industry Predictions for 2024
January 3, 2024: TSA to Trial Self-Screening Service at Las Vegas International Airport
January 4, 2024: Remote Work Isn’t Killing Business Travel – It’s Transforming It

January 5 2024: 2024 Travel Industry: Riding the Wave of Tech and Sustainability
January 8 2024: Will Air Fares Remain High in 2024? Here’s What Experts Say
January 9 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: What’s Your Business Travel Resolution for the Year Ahead?

January 10, 2024: The Airlines Most Affected by the Boeing 737-9 Grounding
January 11, 2024: The Impact of Sustainable Practices in Corporate Travel Management
January 12, 2024: 8 Key Takeaways from 2023 for Hospitality Professionals
January 15, 2024: [Podcast] How AI is (Re)Shaping Business Travel: A Conversation with McKinsey
January 16, 2024: Airlines Cancel Thousands More Flights as Arctic Weather Tears Through the US
January 17, 2024: Surveyed Hoteliers Mostly Optimistic About Demand from Business, Group Travelers
January 18, 2024: GBTA Board Spotlight: Embracing the Power of Global Community & Collaboration

January 19, 2024: Will Passports Be Replaced by Biometrics?
January 22, 2024: Hotel Industry Outlook 2024: Moving Steadily Forward
January 23, 2024: Check-In with Suzanne: Charting the Course for Impact Over the Next Three Years
January 24, 2024: Five Tech Trends That Will Affect The Hotel Industry in 2024

January 25, 2024: Technology to Enable Multi-Faceted Approach to Revenue Management in 2024
January 26, 2024: Scheduled to Fly on a Boeing Max 9? Here Are Your Options.
January 29, 2024: Investors, Hotel Brand Leaders Debate the Best Avenues to Growth
January 30, 2024: Global Hotel Industry Likely to See Full Recovery in 2024

January 31, 2024: GBTA Poll: Business Travel Industry Anticipates a Strong but Challenging 2024


November 1, 2023: Corporate Retreats Are Key Intersection of Business Travel, Wellness Programming at Hotels
November 2, 2023: Survey: Amid Cost Concerns, Discounts Could Lure Meeting Planners
November 3, 2023: Aviation Leaders Awarded Prestigious CAPA Environmental Sustainability Awards for 2023

November 6, 2023: IATA Trials First “Fully Integrated Digital Identity Travel Experience”
November 7, 2023: Most Buyers Expect 2024 Corporate Budgets to Rise

November 8, 2023: U.S.-Australia Business Travel Jump Seen – Here’s What’s Driving It
November 9, 2023: Top 5 Business Travel Trends
November 10, 2023: New Report from FREENOW and GBTA Examines Evolution of Ground Transportation in Europe
November 13, 2023: Survey Reveals Gap Between Awareness and Adoption of AI in Events Industry
November 14, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Charting the Course for Business Travel in Europe and Beyond 

November 15, 2023: European Business Travel Spending is Forecast to Reach $450 Billion USD by 2027
November 16, 2023: 2024 Hotel Group, Events, and Meetings Trends & Stats That Every Hotelier Should Know
November 17, 2023: GBTA Europe Conference 2023 Showcases Regional Business Travel Outlook and Opportunity
November 20, 2023: Hotels Poised for Strong Holiday Season Fueled by Business Travel Uptick

November 21, 2023: [Podcast] Technology Solutions that Take Care of Travelers
November 22, 2023: Black Friday Impact: Navigating Travel Trends
November 27, 2023: Airlines Betting on Premium Seats as Air Travel Rebounds
November 28, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Learning and Achieving Progress for Our Members, People and Planet

November 29, 2023: Sustainable Business Travel Can Be a Competitive Advantage
November 30, 2023: “Revenge Travel” Is Here to Stay, Visa Study Reveals

October 2, 2023: A Travel Advisor’s Blueprint for Success With NDC
October 3, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: GBTA Conferences, Connection and a Billion Dollar Forecast
October 4, 2023: Paradigm Shift in Airport Traffic
October 5, 2023: Making Sustainable Business Travel a Reality: A Look at EU Initiatives and GBTA’s Impact
October 6, 2023: At Last, Positive Signals From China’s Outbound Travel Market Again

October 9, 2023: Several Airlines Suspend Flights After Attack on Israel
October 10, 2023: Airline Continuous Pricing, Explained
October 11, 20023: GBTA Reports from the European Parliament on The MDMS Regulation
October 13,2023: How Technology Revolutionized The Travel Industry

October 16,2023: [Podcast] Lessons on Fostering Innovation in Travel
October 17, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Celebrating Achievements and Shaping Tomorrow Together
October 18, 2023: Travel, Shopping Platforms Teaming Up to Fight Fake Reviews
October 19, 2023: Do Businesses Need a Gen Z Ground Transport Strategy?
October 20, 2023: [Podcast] Using Technology for Simple Meetings Success

October 23, 2023: Airport Lounges Are Booming, And Everyone Wants In
October 24, 2023: Business Travel Steadily Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels
October 25, 2023: Narrowly Averted Disasters Beg the Question: How Safe Is Flying?
October 26, 2023: NDC Is Bridging the Gap Between Buyers and Sellers

October 27, 2023: GBTA Foundation’s 2023 WINiT Awards Celebrate the Advancement of Women in the Global Business Travel Industry 
October 30, 2023: Latest GBTA Industry Poll Reflects Business Travel Rebound in 2023 and Outlook for 2024
October 31, 2023: Opening Doors that Matter, Holding Them Open for Others

September 1, 2023: Business Travel: Sustainability, Safety Concerns Hold Back Younger Staff
September 5, 2023: Are Dynamic Bundles for Air Travel Personalization?
September 6, 2023: Bleisure Travel Market Is Estimated to Cross $731.4 Billion by the End of 2032
September 7, 2023: Planemakers Look to a Pilotless Future
September 8, 2023: Insights from the Instructor of Advanced Principles of Business Travel Management Course

September 11, 2023: How Traveling for Work Has Changed
September 12, 2023: Business Travellers Face ‘Negative Behaviours’ While on the Road
September 13, 2023: Airline Executives Raise Alarm That Air Traffic Controller Shortage Will Continue Disrupting Flights for Years
September 14, 2023: Will EU’s Drive to Regulate STRs Lead to More Data-Driven Policies?
September 15, 2023: The Future of Long-Term Stays

September 18, 2023: How Much Market Share Do Low-Cost Carriers Hold?
September 19, 2023: Check In with Suzanne: A Salute to Singapore and All Eyes on Asia-Pacific
September 20, 2023: Google Rolls out a Major Expansion of Its Bard AI Chatbot
September 21, 2023: Airlines Prioritize Safe Connections
September 22, 2023: [Podcast] There Is Power in Women Supporting Each Other in the Workplace

September 25, 2023: Business Travel in Asia Pacific Poised to Reach Almost $800 Billion by 2027
September 26, 2023: How Can Airlines Improve Their Flight Timeliness?
September 27, 2023: Mandatory Emissions Reporting Looms Large Over Travel and Tourism Industry
September 28, 2023: Airlines Have a New Plan to Handle Unruly Passengers
September 29, 2023: GBT-AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business Travel

August 1, 2023: 6 Top Trends Shaping the Meetings Scene in 2023
August 2, 2023: Building a Pipeline for Gender Diversity in Travel
August 3, 2023: GBTA and Uber for Business Examine the Complex Perspectives Between Business Travelers and Travel Managers in New Report
August 4, 2023: [Podcast] Meet the GBTA Ladders Season 9 Winning Team, Travel Change!

August 7, 2023: Airlines to Support NASA-Boeing Sustainable Flight Demonstrator Project
August 8, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Packing In – and Unpacking – A Lot Heading into Convention
August 9, 2023: Strategic Safety Planning: Staying Ahead of Business Travel Threats
August 10, 2023: Global Business Travel and Events Costs Expected to Remain Elevated Through 2024, Reflecting ‘True New Cost of Travel’
August 11, 2023: GBTA President’s Perspective: Looking Back with Gratitude and Ahead with Optimism

August 14, 2023: GBTA Convention Kicks Off, Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers
August 15, 2023: Global Business Travel Industry Forecast is for Accelerated Rebound, Spending to Reach $1.8 Trillion by 2027
August 16, 2023: GBTA Convention 2023 Puts A Focus on the Future for Global Business Travel
August 17, 2023: Air Travel Is Back: Five Lessons Every Business Can Learn from the Airport Industry’s Recovery
August 18, 2023: 5 Interesting Post-Pandemic Aviation Trends 

August 21, 2023: Q2 Industry Perspectives: Looking Ahead for the Travel Industry
August 22, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: What Makes a Vibrant GBTA Convention and Industry Possible
August 23, 2023: Mild Recession Would Have Limited Effect on Hotels, Economist Says
August 24, 2023: 89% of Business Leaders Want More Dynamic Travel, Expense Policies
August 25, 2023: The Role of AI in Personalized Travel Recommendations

August 28, 2023: [Podcast] Protections for the Traveling LGBTQ+ Workforce
August 29, 2023: Airlines Continue to Cancel Flights on Tuesday After UK Air Traffic Control Chaos
August 30, 2023: TSA PreCheck Program Adds Four New Airlines
August 31, 2023: GBTA Board Spotlight: How Mentoring Ignites Career Development for Travel Professionals

July 3, 2023: GBTA Expands Its Presence in Asia Pacific with New Advisory Board
July 5, 2023: Why the Medium-Term Is Critical to AI Disruption
July 6, 2023: Improving Efficiency for Airlines with Weather Sensing Technology
July 7, 2023: IATA to Publish an Annual Track Zero Report

July 10, 2023: Airline NDC Integration Varies, Creating Challenges for Agencies
July 11, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Convention Countdown to GBTA Community and Connection
July 12, 2023: IATA Accelerates Aviation’s Transition to Net-Zero 2050
July 13, 2023: U.S. Meetings and Events Growth for June at 30% 
July 14, 2023: [Podcast] Empowering Capital: Female Angel Investors in the Startup Ecosystem

July 17, 2023: Q&A: GBTA’s Suzanne Neufang on the Evolution of Business Travel
July 18, 2023: Climate Change Is Making Travel That Much Harder
July 19, 2023: A Pilot Shortage Is Aggravating Airline Delays. Congress Has Two Ideas to Fix It
July 20, 2023: New Kid On the Block = Lessons Learned
July 21, 2023: [Podcast] Tech Safari Series: Why Are Travel Analytics More Important Than Ever?

July 24, 2023: Airlines Are Teaming up to Address This Controversial Problem With Air Travel
July 25, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: What’s on Your GBTA Convention Hot List for Dallas?
July 26, 2023: Corporate Procurement Leaders Cite Challenging Travel Market Dynamics, Growing Need to Leverage Segments As 2024 Supplier Negotiations Begin
July 27, 2023: How Airlines Are Adapting to Extreme Heatwaves Sweeping the Country
July 28, 2023: [Podcast] A Look at Prominent Trends in the Meetings & Events Industry

July 31, 2023: [Podcast] The Path Forward for NDC: Implementation and Impact Across the Industry Ecosystem

June 1, 2023: How These Asian Airline Industry Leaders Are Spearheading the Resurgence of Air Travel
June 2, 2023: New Report from Cvent and GBTA Sheds Light on the Transforming Role of the Corporate Travel Manager

June 5, 2023: Bleisure Is Back and Transforming the Travel and Hospitality Sector
June 6, 2023: IATA and UNEP to Address Key Environmental Challenges in Aviation Including Single-Use Plastics
June 7, 2023: Fall Business Travel International Flight Bookings Near 2019 Levels
June 8, 2023: GBTA Foundation and Travalyst Collaborate to Harmonize Frameworks for Sustainable Choices in Business Travel
June 9, 2023: [Podcast] Demystifying ‘SAF’

June 12, 2023: Low-Cost Carriers Now Make Up Almost a Third of Global Airline Capacity
June 13, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: The Power of Energy, Innovation, the Collective Voice of Business Travel
June 14, 2023: The State of Climate Action in Business Travel Report Unveiled at the GBTA Sustainability Summit 
June 15, 2023: Low Carbon Travel Has Become a Priority for UK Business Travellers
June 16, 2023: GBTA U.S. Legislative Summit Brings The “Many Voices” of Business Travel to Capitol Hill

June 19, 2023: EU Sets World’s Largest SAF Blending Mandate
June 20, 2023: Rise of the “Rail Warriors”: Supporting Low-Carbon Business Travel Gives Businesses an Advantage in the Talent War
June 21, 2023: Emerging Industries Redefine the Blueprint for Business Travel
June 22, 2023: Groundbreaking Technologies Shaping the Future of Aviation
June 23, 2023: Business Travel Becomes a Top Priority of Gen Z Professionals in 2023: Survey

June 26, 2023: An Upcoming 5G Deadline Could Cause Airline Delays Starting July 1st
June 27, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Creating Impact Through Action for Business Travel
June 28, 2023: Why These 5 Executives Believe Airports Are the Key to Aviation Decarbonization
June 29, 2023: Business Travel Is Back and ‘Buoyant’, New Data Shows
June 30, 2023: Hotel Tech, Marketing Experts Say Industry Must Take a ‘Quantum Leap’ in Innovation

May 1, 2023: US-China Flight Dispute: What’s The Latest?
May 2, 2023: Using Insights to Power Our Path in Business Travel
May 3, 2023: GBTA Commends Biden Administration Ending COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Non-U.S. Travelers
May 4, 2023: Washington Is Letting Chinese Airlines Increase Flights to America
May 5, 2023: Virtual Payments – One of Many Solutions for Hotel Payments

May 8, 2023: Biden Plans to Bolster U.S. Airline Consumer Protections
May 9, 2023: Meetings Industry Focuses on Sustainability as a Business Strategy
May 10, 2023: Breaking Down Barriers in Accessible Travel
May 11, 2023: Automation Steps in to Fill Hospitality Service Staff Shortages
May 12, 2023: Will Your Meetings Ever Have a Carbon Budget?

May 15, 2023: Stop Chasing the Leisure Experience
May 16, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Oh Canada! It’s Time to Talk About Business Travel
May 17, 2023: GBTA and Worldwide ERC to Bring Business Travel and Workplace Insights to APAC
May 18, 2023: GBTA Showcases Business Travel Outlook for Canada and Future Industry Trends During Its Annual Regional Conference
May 19, 2023: Regenerative Business Travel: Leaving a Net Positive Impact

May 22, 2023: Blending Opportunity? Travelers Are Increasingly Mixing Business and Leisure
May 23, 2023: Airlines and F.A.A. Try to Head Off Summer Travel Meltdowns
May 24, 2023: NASA Partners With Airlines to Save Fuel, Reduce Flight Delays
May 25, 2023: WTTC Calls for Governments to “Get Serious” on Incentivizing Sustainable Aviation Fuel
May 26, 2023: The Benefits of DEI Policies for Companies – GBTA Podcast (in Italian)

May 30, 2023: Opportunity, Inspiration and a Mid-Year Glimpse into the Future
May 31, 2023: How Boeing’s Research Is Ensuring the Safety of Flight in 5G Environments

April 3, 2023: Abu Dhabi Starts Fund to Boost Business Tourism in the Emirate
April 4, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Business Travel is All About Connection. With Purpose.
April 5, 2023: New ITM Taskforce Aims to Tackle Concerns Over Changes in Airfare Distribution
April 6, 2023: Hotel Teams Shift Mindset from Revenue Management to Revenue Generation
April 7, 2023: Airlines’ Answer for Congested Airports and Rising Costs: Bigger Planes

April 10, 2023: Aviation Industry Invests in SAF to Reach Climate Targets
April 11, 2023: Navigating What NDC Means for Global Business Travel
April 12, 2023: UK Workers See the Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings
April 13, 2023: MICE Global Market Report 2023: Adoption of Geo-Cloning by Event Organizers Fuels Growth
April 14, 2023: Super Woman: Fact or Fiction | An Industry Conversation

April 17, 2023: Understanding and Addressing Corporate Carbon Emissions Is Complicated. Here’s How We Simplify It
April 18, 2023: The People, Planet, and Paradigms Shaping Business Travel’s Future
April 19, 2023: Advocating for Sustainable, Efficient, and Seamless Business Travel
April 20, 2023: How to Combine a Business Trip with a Vacation
April 21, 2023: Pulling Back the Curtain on GBTA U.S. Chapters

April 24, 2023: GBTA Foundation’s New Benchmarking Study Outlines Corporate Best Practices for Managing Business Travel’s Climate Impact
April 25, 2023: Best Practices to Manage Emissions from Business Travel. Results from GBTA Corporate Benchmarking Study
April 26, 2023: Airlines, Workforces and Disruption: GBTA’s Latest Poll Explores Key Drivers Poised to Shape Business Travel
April 27, 2023: FAA Establishes New Aviation Safety Review Team
April 28, 2023: Join GBTA and Keynote Speaker Jeffery Latimer for GBTA Canada Conference 2023 – Toronto

March 1, 2023: The Career Value of Lifelong Connection and Learning
March 2, 2023: As Travel Trends Up, So Do Climate Goal Challenges
March 3, 2023: Events, Meetings and Congresses: Trends and Challenges of the Recovery

March 6, 2023: GBTA Adds Support to the Regulation on Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS)
March 7, 2023: On the Road to Connect, Learn and Be Inspired
March 8, 2023: Innovation, Change and Reshaping our Industry: A View from the Great White North
March 9, 2023: GBTA Partners With SMI to Drive Transformation for Sustainable Sector Solutions
March 10, 2023: What Is GBTA Ladders? Mentorship, Education and Industry Networking for You

March 13, 2023: Paving the Path for Quick and Easy Business Travel
March 14, 2023: China to Fully Reopen Borders to Foreigners but Near-Term Hurdles Remain
March 15, 2023: Keeping Safety First: A Statistical Analysis of Commercial Aviation Accidents
March 16, 2023: Travel Managers Weigh In on Business Travel’s Outlook for 2023
March 17, 2023: [Podcast] Reaching the ‘Finish” Line: A Recap of the 2023 Hotel Sourcing Season 

March 20, 2023: Survey: Most Buyers Project Full Travel Recovery By Year-End
March 21, 2023: Check-In with Suzanne: Traveling for Good in Real-Time
March 22, 2023: Airlines Turn to Orchestration as Consumer Payments Preferences Multiply
March 23, 2023: Sustainable Aviation Is Key to Meeting Demand
March 24, 2023: The Fight to Survive; Is the Return of the Business Traveler the Missing Piece?

March 27, 2023: [Podcast] Preparing for the New World of Airline Retailing
March 28, 2023: Strong Travel Demand Should Help Hotels Weather ‘Mild’ Recession
March 29, 2023: Four Ways Mentorship Is Powering – and Empowering – the Comeback of Travel
March 30, 2023: GBTA Board Spotlight: Once Upon a Time in a Small Country Up North…
March 31, 2023: 5 Ways To Make The Most of Business Travel

February 1, 2023: U.S. Proposes New Consumer Protection Rules for Airline Passengers
February 2, 2023: Business Travelers in the Driver’s Seat: Our Industry’s Ultimate Stakeholder
February 3, 2023: China to Fully Resume Travel with Hong Kong, Macau on Feb 6

February 6, 2023: The Trends That Will Define Aviation in 2023
February 7, 2023: Member-Led, Locally Driven: The Vital Role of Grassroots Initiatives
February 8, 2023: European Air Traffic Doubles on Strong International Rebound
February 9, 2023: Getting the Most from Your Membership
February 10, 2023: What the Industry Expects Next: Insights from the GBTA Q1 2023 Business Travel Outlook Poll

February 13, 2023: Why the EU’s New Emissions Rules Could Raise Airline Ticket Prices
February 14, 2023: U.S. Visa Wait Times Are Getting Better
February 15, 2023: Multicurrency Apps Are Changing How People Spend Money When Traveling Internationally
February 16, 2023: GBTA Europe Highlights Advocacy Around Key Industry Developments and Climate Efforts
February 17, 2023: Business Travel Trends Driving the Future of Spend Management

February 20, 2023: Top of the List: London Heathrow Serves the World’s Busiest Long-Haul Routes
February 21, 2023: Advocacy’s Critical Role in Driving the Advancement of Business Travel
February 22, 2023: Top of the List: London Heathrow Serves the World’s Busiest Long-Haul Routes
February 23, 2023: Europe Makes Up Lost Ground and Is Forecasted to Be the Fastest Growing Business Travel Market in 2023
February 24, 2023: Driving Climate Action in Business Travel: GBTA Sustainability Plans for 2023

February 27, 2023: Sustainability Moves Up in the Corporate Travel Agenda
February 28, 2023: Hotel Executives Expect Group Recovery Momentum to Carry Through 2023

January 3, 2023: An Insider’s Update: 2023 Hotel Sourcing Season
January 4, 2023: Hoteliers Can Look Past Storm Clouds to Sunny Days Ahead in 2023
January 5, 2023: European Airlines Could Face Steep Operational Challenges in 2023
January 6, 2023: Business Travel Is Booming with 52 Per Cent Growth

January 9,2023: Tech Safari Series: A New Ecosystem Offering for Business Travel 
January 10, 2023: Resolutions for a New Year in Global Business Travel
January 11, 2023: Blended Travel Comes of Age
January 12, 2023: Could the FAA Outage Hinder Business Travel’s Recovery?
January 13, 2023: Bringing End-to-End T&E Management Built to Scale

January 16, 2023: Aging, Outdated Technology Leaves Air Travel at Risk of Meltdown
January 17, 2023: EU Must ‘Prepare Better’ to Deal with Future Travel Crises
January 18, 2023: Report: U.S. Meeting Volume Exceeds 2019, Signaling End of Recovery Efforts
January 19, 2023: Serving Others and Volunteering with GBTA in 2023
January 20, 2023: The Politics of Travel: How Congress Shapes the Recovery and Outlook of the U.S. Rental Car Market

January 23, 2023: Air Ticket Consolidators Turn Profit in Shifting Landscape
January 24, 2023: The Perfect Package for Business Travel: Productivity, People and Planet
January 25, 2023: Our Allies. The Men of GBTA WINiT
January 26, 2023: Airlines Issue Travel Waivers as Winter Storm Pushes Northeast. Which Cities Are Covered?
January 27, 2023: What to Expect from China’s Travel Rebound

January 30, 2023: U.S. Airlines Forecast Strong 2023 Travel, Costs May Dampen Outlook
January 31, 2023: Bookings, Spending and Optimism on the Upswing, GBTA Poll Shows


November 1, 2022: How Do You Transform An Industry? One Person at a Time.
November 2, 2022: Why the Travel and Hospitality Industries Need Business Travel to Make a Comeback
November 3, 2022: Hospitality Sector Updates Carbon Tool to Further Industry-Wide, Robust Approach to Environmental Measurement
November 4, 2022: How Travel Managers Can Drive Insights and Outcomes Using Data and AI
November 4, 2022: ICYMI

November 7, 2022: Airlines Reboot as COVID Sparks a Revolution in One-Day Business Trips
November 8, 2022: Business Travel’s Greener Future And Getting There Together
November 9, 2022: GBTA Sustainability Summit Harnesses Collective Efforts Toward Net Zero Business Travel 
November 10, 2022: Business Travel Industry Unites for GBTA Europe Conference 2022 in Partnership with VDR
November 11, 2022: ESG Efforts and Innovations for Business Travel’s Greener Future
November 12, 2022: ICYMI

November 14, 2022: Airlines Have the Passengers. Now They Need the Planes
November 15, 2022: Reflections from Brussels: Community, Learning, Advocacy and Action for Business Travel’s Future
November 16, 2022: Study Predicts Rebound of Business Travel in 2023
November 17, 2022: Airlines Want Their Net Zero Pledges to Fly on More Than Fumes
November 18, 2022: ICYMI
November 19, 2022: ICYMI

November 21, 2022: Major Airlines Are Teaming Up to Tackle Planet-Warming Plane Contrails
November 22, 2022: Travel, Human Connection and Making the World a Better Place
November 23, 2022: GBTA Continues to Ensure the Voice of the Business Travel Sector is Heard in Brussels
November 24, 2022: No Daily News Brief for US Holiday
November 25, 2022: No Daily News Brief for US Holiday

November 28, 2022: Women in Tech Series: Keeping the Ladder Down
November 29, 2022: GBTA Applauds New Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
November 30, 2022: Remote And Hybrid Work Is Boosting Commercial Air Travel

October 3, 2022: Better Visibility into 2023 Helps Normalize Hotel Budgeting Process
October 4, 2022: The Many Ways We’re Empowering Our Future
October 5, 2022: UK Businesses to Invest More in Business Travel
October 6, 2022: Business Travel Continues Bouncing Back with a Strong Outlook for 2023
October 7, 2022: How Is Travel Adapting to the Subscription Economy?

October 10, 2022: How to Make the Most of the Return to Group Travel and Events
October 11, 2022: The Latest Insights On What Lies Ahead For Business Travel’s Recovery
October 12, 2022: Making Meaningful Connections with GBTA WINiT
October 13, 2022: International Hotel Bookings Rise and Corporates Are Planning Trips Further in Advance
October 14, 2022: Corporate Travel Returns: The Evolution of Sustainability, Travelers, Ground Transportation, and More

October 17, 2022: WINiT by GBTA Announces “Top 50 Women in Travel” for 2022
October 18, 2022: “Learning” Is Our Middle Name at GBTA
October 19, 2022: Can We Close the Gap Between Business Travelers and their Corporate Travel Programs?
October 20, 2022: MICE Picks Up Pace with Travel Back on Track
October 21, 2022: Sustainability at the Heart of Industry and GBTA Purpose

October 24, 2022: An Analyst’s View on Forecasts, Disruptions and Loyalty in Business Travel
October 25, 2022: Putting Words Into Action for Sustainable Business Travel    
October 26, 2022: Each Step Closer: Making Strides in Climate Action for Global Business Travel       
October 27, 2022: Asian Airlines Chase Recovery Goals 
October 28, 2022: WINiT Awards 2002: Celebrating Those Driving Change for Women in the Travel Industry      
October 31, 2022: Air, Hotel, Car: Future Forecast for Pricing in the Travel Industry

September 1, 2022: PATA and GBTA to host APAC Travel Summit in Bangkok, December 8-9
September 2, 2022: [New GBTA Podcast] Women Business Travelers: Back on the Road in a Post-pandemic World
September 3, 2022: ICYMI

September 5, 2022: No Daily News Brief for US Holiday
September 6, 2022: Airlines Count on Business Travelers to Keep Recovery Going
September 7, 2022: Work from Home Is Killing Business-Class Travel, Experts Say
September 8, 2022: How Large U.S. Airlines Can Address the Change in Business Travel
September 9, 2022: Takin’ Care of Business in a Flash: Meetings NOW

September 12, 2022: A Digital Age for Business Travel
September 13, 2022: Traveling for Business and Finishing Strong in 2022
September 14, 2022: WINiT Wednesday Makes Its Debut
September 15, 2022: Business Travel to Make a Great Comeback This Fall As New Travel Patterns Emerge
September 16, 2022: Look at the Bookings and Other Insights for Business Travel and Travel Managers

September 19, 2022: Allied Leadership Council Elects Two New Officers
September 20, 2022: Exploring the State of Business Travel Now
September 21, 2022: Survey of Business Travel Leaders Spotlights Issues Driven by Hybrid Workforces as Corporate Travel’s Return Accelerates
September 22, 2022: Why a Comfortable and Relaxing Rail Journey Is the Best Choice for Business Travel
September 23, 2022: It’s SME Again – The Journey is the Destination

September 24, 2022: ICYMI

September 26, 2022: How AI-driven Performance Marketing Can Drive Growth for Travel Businesses
September 27, 2022: Inspiring Many More Voices Through the GBTA Membership Offer
September 28, 2022: The Airline Race for a Breakthrough Fuel to Cut One Billion Tons of Carbon Is Just Starting
September 29, 2022: Rail Sees Popularity Boost as Business Travellers Seek to Avoid “Travel Dead Time”
September 30, 2022: The Value of Medical Assistance Networks for Business Travel

August 1, 2022: Business Trips Set to Fall and Be ‘More Purposeful’ Post-Pandemic ?
August 2, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Preparing for Arrival on the Road to Convention    
August 3, 2022: Sustainability and Climate Action for Business Travel to Take Center Stage at GBTA Convention 2022     
August 4, 2022: Airline Customers Could Finally Get Compensation for Flight Delays Under a US Department of Transportation Proposal 
August 5, 2022: Navigating the Return to the Office and Return to the Road      
August 6, 2022: ICYMI

August 8, 2022: Hotel Companies Reap the Benefits of Europe’s Travel Surge
August 9, 2022: Check in with Suzanne: Ready for GBTA Convention 2022? Over 1,000 Travel Buyers Are    
August 10, 2022: Global Travel Prices Set to Continue to Increase According to Latest Forecast from CWT and GBTA     
August 11, 2022: In a Bind over Bleisure
August 12, 2022: Michael Sherrard and Kate King Discuss Travel Risks at GBTA Conference – Toronto      

August 15, 2022: Together Again: GBTA Kicks Off Convention 2022
August 16, 2022: Global Business Travel is Coming Back but Headwinds Push Full Recovery Into 2026    
August 17, 2022: Many Voices, One Purpose: Welcome to the New GBTA     
August 18, 2022: Reflections on 2022 Convention – from the GBTA Board of Directors
August 19, 2022: The Needs of Travel Managers Shared By Florent Martin at GBTA Conference – Toronto  

August 22, 2022: Technology Tops the Travel Manager’s Agenda as TMCs Play Vital Role in Business Travel’s Return
August 23, 2022: Coming Back and Setting the Stage for Global Business Travel
August 24, 2022: The Pandemic Has Reshaped Visa Application Processes
August 25, 2022: Group Demand for US Hotels Continues Positive Momentum
August 26, 2022: The Evolution of Sustainability in the Hospitality Space
August 27, 2022: ICYMI    

August 29, 2022: Only-Pay-When-You-Check-In Could Emerge as Alternative Amidst Flight Disruptions
August 30, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Back to Office Means Back to Business Travel – Or Does it?
August 31, 2022: Travel Managers’ Golden Opportunity to Become Strategic Superheroes

July 5, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Coming Together for Insights and Impact
July 6, 2022: Lack of Face-to-face Meetings Has Harmed New Opportunities   
July 7, 2022: Business Travel’s Value Is Being Seen in the Pandemic Recovery   
July 8, 2022: New Trends in Project-Based Business Travel featuring Roomex’s Darin Peterson  
July 9, 2022: ICYMI

July 11, 2022: Planting The Seeds For Green Travel
July 12, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: You Can Play a Part in Keeping GBTA Strong   
July 13, 2022: A Whole New World: 2021 GBTA Business Travel Index & the Latin America Perspective   
July 14, 2022: GBTA Calls on the European Union to Adapt Regulations To Avoid Further Travel Disruption
July 15, 2022: The Race to Net Zero – a Guide to the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme   
July 16, 2022: ICYMI

July 18, 2022: PATA and GBTA to host APAC Travel Summit in Bangkok, December 8-9
July 19, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Putting the “G” in GBTA – with a Dose of Transparency    
July 20, 2022: A Whole New World EMEA: An Update on the 2021 GBTA Business Travel Index    
July 21, 2022: Can Business Travel Get into a More Sustainable Flight-Path Post-COVID? 
July 22, 2022: Customer Experience, ESG, Recovery and Innovation in Corporate Travel    
July 23, 2022: ICYMI

July 25, 2022: Travel Chaos: Can Your Business Stay Immune? 
July 26, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne    
July 27, 2022: GBTA Foundation Relaunches to Advance People and Planet Initiatives for the Business Travel Industry     
July 28, 2022: A Whole New World USA: An update on the 2021 GBTA Business Travel Index 
July 29, 2022: How a Pandemic Pivot Set the Stage for Better Events Ahead     
July 30, 2022: ICYMI

June 1, 2022: NEW GBTA PODCAST – Using Technology to Tackle Global Mobility Management   
June 2, 2022: Inflation Be Damned as Companies Encourage Travel No Matter What  
June 3, 2022: Reimagining the Future of Travel and Hospitality      
June 4, 2022: ICYMI

June 6, 2022: UK to Solve Travel Chaos by Working with Aviation Industry as Airports Across Europe Struggle with Post-Pandemic Rebound
June 7, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: GBTA Heads to the Hill for Business Travel
June 8, 2022: Aviation Is Fueling Up for Net Zero 
June 9, 2022: Canadian Airports Call for Vaccine Requirements to End
June 10, 2022: GBTA U.S. Legislative Summit: Advocacy, Testimony and Movie Stars
June 11, 2022: ICYMI

June 13, 2022: Business Travel Is Rebounding—Slowly and Unevenly. ‘There Is No More Normal.’
June 14, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: At the Mid-Year Mark, a Time to Reflect
June 15, 2022: Global Travel Bookings Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels  
June 16, 2022: More Corporates Choose Premium Cabin Classes in Business Travel Revival
June 17, 2022: NEW GBTA PODCAST: How One Hotel Group Is Getting Back to Business
June 18, 2022: ICYMI

June 20, 2022: GBTA Weighs-in on Proposed Climate Disclosure Rules in the U.S.
June 21, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: The Road to the Future Starts Here
June 22, 2022: The UK’s Unique Brand of Travel Chaos Is Upending Recovery Efforts 
June 23, 2022: Move Over COVID, There’s New Considerations for Business Travel’s Recovery 
June 24, 2022: Managing Disruptions to Improve Travel 
June 25, 2022: ICYMI

June 27, 2022: Airlines Aim to Shift Blame for Flight Problems to FAA 
June 28, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Use Your Voice, Use Your Vote
June 29, 2022: Rethinking Business Travel Programs For A New Era  
June 30, 2022: How Companies Can Use Technology and Planning to Keep Employees Safe While Traveling  

May 2, 2022: Positioning Business Travel as New Center of Company Culture    
May 3, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: The Power of Partnership
May 4, 2022: GBTA Advances Commitment to Sustainable Business Travel in Canada       
May 5, 2022: Travel Without A Footprint: Sustainability Is the Need of the Hour, And More So When It Comes to Travel 
May 6, 2022: Worldwide: A New Outlook On Business Travel 
May 7, 2022: ICYMI

May 9, 2022: Business Class Travel Helps Post-Pandemic Airline Sales Take Off    
May 10, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Normal, The New Normal and What’s Next
May 11, 2022: Business Travel Rebounds as Execs Choose (Real) Face Time over Zoom        
May 12, 2022: EU Lifts Mask Recommendation for Air Travel as Pandemic Ebbs  
May 13, 2022: NEW GBTA PODCAST – Where the Future of Work Meets the Future of Business Travel
May 14, 2022: ICYMI

May 16, 2022: 10 Future Business Travel Trends & Predictions for 2022/2023 and Beyond     
May 17, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Why Experimentation and Collaboration Are Important
May 18, 2022: Sustainability Momentum Builds for Corporate Travel and Meeting Management         
May 19, 2022: GBTA Ladders Teams Tackle What’s Next in Corporate Responsibility   
May 20, 2022: How One Canadian Airline Is Back to Flying High 
May 21, 2022: ICYMI

May 23, 2022: WTTC Proposes One-Stop Digital Solution to Ease Travel      
May 24, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: GBTA Advocacy for Business Travel Heads To Brussels
May 25, 2022: COVID No Longer the Biggest Concern for Many Travelers          
May 26, 2022: Business and Leisure Travel: A Fused Future    
May 28, 2022: ICYMI

May 31, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Putting A Regional Lens on Sustainability   

April 1, 2022: Fuel for Thought: Should Business Travelers Be Concerned About Rising Airfares?  
April 2, 2022: ICYMI

April 4, 2022: Canada Changes Travel Rules: Here’s What You Need to Know 
April 5, 2022: Check-in with Suzanne: The Vital – and Changing – Role of The Travel Manager
April 6, 2022: CDC No Longer Warning Against Travel to Canada Because of COVID-19    
April 7, 2022: Group and Business Travel Make a Stellar First Quarter Comeback      
April 8, 2022: The Travel Industry Labor Lag and How We Can Fix It  
April 9, 2022: ICYMI

April 11, 2022: Seeing the Future of Travel Management  
April 12, 2022: Check-in with Suzanne: The Art of Travel Management
April 13, 2022: Hotel Bookings on Course for Quicker Recovery in 2022     
April 14, 2022: GBTA Applauds Bipartisan Effort Asking to End Testing for U.S. Inbound Vaccinated Travelers       
April 15, 2022: Hotels Offer Flexibility, Loyalty Points to Retain Corporate Clients  
April 16, 2022: ICYMI

April 18, 2022: European Aircraft Movements Reach 81% of Pre-Pandemic Levels   
April 19, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Onsite and On-Point with Meetings and Events
April 20, 2022: US Drops COVID-19 ‘Do Not Travel’ Advice for Several EU Countries      
April 21, 2022: Global Business Travel Recovery Sees Double-Digit Surge Since February
April 22, 2022: Sustainable Business Travel: Turning Ambition into Action
April 23, 2022: ICYMI

April 25, 2022: WTTC Releases New Cyber Risks Report for Travel & Tourism Sector    
April 26, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: The Value of Business Travel
April 27, 2022: A Greener Future: GBTA Releases Landmark Global Business Travel Sustainability Study       
April 28, 2022: GBTA and FCM Travel team up for new Th!nk event 
April 29, 2022: Business, Travel Groups Ask Biden to Jump-Start Federal Business Travel 
April 30, 2022: ICYMI

March 1, 2022: Check-in with Suzanne: Getting Back to Business In Berlin – GBTA Conference with VDR
March 2, 2022: Hotel Executives Foresee Group Travel Boom in 2022
March 3, 2022: Europe’s Business Travel Industry United Once Again at the GBTA Conference 2021 Berlin in Partnership with VDR  
March 4, 2022: The Megatrends Impacting Business Travel and the Industry’s Response   
March 5, 2022: ICYMI

March 7, 2022: How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Could Hurt Travel’s Recovery   
March 8, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Breaking the Bias, Today and Every Day
March 9, 2022: More Travel Programs Are “Prioritizing the Needs of Women”
March 10, 2022: The Wider Trends Driving Business Travel Recovery   
March 11, 2022: Lessons from International CES and the Return of Large Events    
March 12, 2022: ICYMI

March 14, 2022: IATA Wants Intra-EU Travel Restrictions Dropped    
March 15, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Why The Wait Is Worth It for Business Travel
March 16, 2022: US Airlines See Strong Travel Recovery After Omicron 
March 17, 2022: GBTA Calls for End to Testing Requirements for Vaccinated International Business Travelers   
March 18, 2022: WiNiT by GBTA: How To Break the Bias Every Day    
March 19, 2022: ICYMI

March 21, 2022: Relaxed Testing and Quarantine Requirements Spur Demand for Business Travel     
March 22, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Making Progress in Parallel Worlds
March 23, 2022: Business Travel on the Uptick for 2022  
March 24, 2022: Airline Execs Ask Biden to End Mask Mandate, Testing Requirements for Air Travel    
March 25, 2022: Business Travel Booking Policies, Processes, and Technology in a Post Pandemic World: An Insider’s Look     
March 26, 2022: ICYMI

March 28, 2022: BOARD PERSPECTIVES – (Re)connecting With You and What Matters Most 
March 29, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Where the Future of Work Meets Business Travel
March 30, 2022: Business Travel Between the UK and EU: Immigration and Visa Rules   
March 31, 2022: When Will the Airline Mask Mandate End? 21 States Challenging the Requirement  

February 1, 2022: Check In with Suzanne: Getting Back to Business Travel. With Intention
February 2, 2022: Corporate Demand Will Drive Suppliers’ Diversity Recruitment
February 3, 2022: GBTA and European Partners Continue Advocacy Efforts in Europe
February 4, 2022: This Is What Travel Looks Like as COVID-19 Goes into an Endemic Phase
February 5, 2022: ICYMI

February 7, 2022: Board Perspectives: Moving through Change Together
February 8, 2022: Check in with Suzanne: Meeting, Connecting and Celebrating more “Firsts”
February 9, 2022: Corporate Financial Leaders See a Boom in US Business Travel Ahead
February 10, 2022: GBTA Supports Toulouse Declaration
February 11, 2022: What Business Travel Needs to Know about the Hospitality Industry Now
February 12, 2022: ICYMI

February 14, 2022: International Travel Will Never Be Fully Replaced by Zoom Meetings for Business 
February 15, 2022: Check-in with Suzanne: Perseverance, and Making Business Travel More Predictable
February 16, 2022: GBTA Welcomes Canada’s Easing of International Travel Restrictions
February 17, 2022: Middle East and Africa Hotel Pulse: Corporate Travel Increase Expected 
February 18, 2022: Board Spotlight: Leading with Empathy 
February 19, 2022: ICYMI

February 21, 2022: Pack an Overnight Bag: The Return of Business Travel Is Imminent  
February 22, 2022: Check-in with Suzanne: Is Business Travel’s “Next Normal” Right Around the Corner?
February 23, 2022: Get Ready to (Re)Connect: GBTA Convention 2022 Registration Is Now Open
February 24, 2022: Travel Will Go Big and Green in 2022  
February 25, 2022: How Post-Pandemic Business Travel Will Change  
February 26, 2022: ICYMI

February 28, 2022: Business Travel Recovery Keeps Gaining Traction According to Latest GBTA Poll

January 3, 2022: The Most Important Story in Corporate Travel in 2021
January 4, 2022: GBTA’s Resolution to Serve the Business Travel Industry
January 5, 2022: Governments Asked to Align Isolation Periods for Travelers with New U.S. and U.K. Criteria
January 6, 2022: Omicron and Business Travel: Where Are We Now?
January 7, 2022: End of Border Test Restrictions Spells Better Times Ahead for the Travel Industry
January 8, 2022: ICYMI

January 10, 2022: UK Nations Align on Testing Protocols
January 11, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: Meaning, Mindfulness And On To 2022
January 12, 2022: All You Need to Know about COVID-19 Vaccination Passports’ new Validity Rules for EU Travel
January 13, 2022: Four Ways to Get a Jumpstart on GBTA Convention 2022
January 14, 2022: And Action!
January 15, 2022: ICYMI

January 17, 2022: Why Business Travel Is Expected To Recover Fully by 2024
January 18, 2022: Glimmers of Progress and Moving Forward
January 19, 2022: Why Airlines Fear 5g Will Upend Travel this Week
January 20, 2022: GBTA Poll: Omicron Dampens Business Travel but Long-Term Outlook Remains Strong
January 21, 2022: Board Spotlight: What’s your Intention for 2022?
January 22, 2022: ICYMI

January 24, 2022: Business Travel Has a Pulse, and It’s Growing Stronger
January 25, 2022: Check-In with Suzanne: How Your Feedback Helps GBTA (Re)Create What’s Next
January 26, 2022: Don’t Have a Booster Jab? Travelling in the EU is Complex
January 27, 2022: GBTA Advances its Sustainability Mission With New Executive Appointment
January 28, 2022: GBTA and VDR’s Commitment to Safety and Innovation in the Business Travel Industry
January 29, 2022: ICYMI

January 31, 2022: Key Findings from the January 2022 GBTA Coronavirus Recovery Poll


October 1, 2021: Convention Replay: A New Option To Experience GBTA Convention 2021
October 2, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

October 4, 2021: Return to Business Travel and the Changing Role of the Travel Manager
October 5, 2021: Check-In With Suzanne: What Will Business Travel Recovery Look Like?
October 6, 2021: Spotlight On: Maren Hanschke
October 7, 2021: IATA Survey: Frustration With Travel Restrictions Grows
October 8, 2021: Why Good Is No Longer Good Enough When It Comes To DEI
October 9, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

October 12, 2021: Check-In With Suzanne: Education As Our Unsung Hero
October 13, 2021: Spotlight On: Allison Ausband
October 14, 2021: Help GBTA Recognize The People Who Make A Difference
October 15, 2021: GBTA Weighs In: U.S. To Reopen Canada and Mexico Land Borders
October 16, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

October 18, 2021: The Cheer Heard Around The World For Business Travel
October 19, 2021: Check-In With Suzanne: Brighter And Better Ahead
October 20, 2021: Spotlight on WINiT by GBTA’s Top 50 Women in Travel
October 21, 2021: Business Travel Recovery On The Rise
October 22, 2021: Board Spotlight: On DEI And Making More Room At The Table
October 23, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

October 25, 2021: Is The Business Travel Industry Going Back To The Office?
October 26, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard
October 27, 2021: Spotlight on: Marilyn Markham
October 28, 2021: Further Clarity Comes To The Easing of U.S. Border Restrictions
October 29, 2021: The Word On The Street About GBTA Convention 2021
October 30, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

September 1, 2021: Spotlight On: Christina Woronchak
September 2, 2021: Business Travel Recovery Poll: Realistic Present, Future Outlook
September 3, 2021: GBTA Ladders: It’s Time To Invest In Our Future
September 4, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

September 7, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Putting Safety First At Convention 2021
September 8, 2021: Spotlight On: Fox World Travel, 2021 WINiT Award Winner for Company Culture
September 9, 2021: Advocating for Business Travel’s Return
September 10, 2021: GBTA Calls For Details On Return To International Travel
September 11, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

September 13, 2021: How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Reshape Corporate Meeting and Event Planning?
September 14, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Adapting is the New Normal in Business Travel
September 15, 2021: Spotlight On: Michelle Ward
September 16, 2021: Board Spotlight: Learning, Adapting and Coming Together
September 17, 2021: GBTA Joins The View from the Top at the Business Travel Conference
September 18, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

September 20, 2021: GBTA Is On The Move
September 21, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Now More Than Ever, #BusinessNeedsTravel
September 22, 2021: Spotlight On: Mary Kohler
September 23, 2021: Business Travel’s Continued Slowed Recovery, New Travel Program Approaches
September 24, 2021: Getting CLEAR on GBTA Convention Health and Safety
September 25, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

September 27, 2021: “Business needs travel. And so do I.”
September 28, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: A New Way To Bring GBTA Convention To You
September 29, 2021: Spotlight On: Silke Koehnecke
September 30, 2021: How The U.S. “TourBus” Wants to Revive Business Travel

August 2, 2021: A Four-point Framework for International Business Travel
August 3, 2021: Stepping Through the Door
August 4, 2021: Spotlight On: Jeannette Ross
August 5, 2021: Momentum for International Travel
August 6, 2021: It Pays to Be Heard
August 7, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

August 9, 2021: WINiT Ramps up for the Future
August 10, 2021: Future of the Workforce in Business Travel
August 11, 2021: Spotlight On: Christina Reichelt
August 12, 2021: A Corporate Pulse Check with GBTA’s Suzanne Neufang on Zeno Labs Live
August 13, 2021: Europe – Pushing Forward on Travel and Green Initiatives
August 14, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

August 16, 2021: GBTA Allied Leadership Council Elects New Leaders
August 17, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: GBTA and American Airlines Bring Sherpa to Our Members
August 18, 2021: Spotlight On: Katharine W. Farrell
August 19, 2021: Women in Tech, Episode 5
August 20, 2021: The Talk Around Travel Bans
August 21, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

August 23, 2021: Singapore May Test Business Travel from Some Nations Next Month
August 24, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: The Buzz Around Sustainability and Business Travel
August 25, 2021: Spotlight On: Michelle De Costa
August 26, 2021: Business Travel Continues Moving but COVID-19 Variants Introduce Uncertainty
August 27, 2021: New GBTA Podcast: Travel Bookings, Recovery and the Road Ahead
August 28, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

August 30, 2021: IATA Calls for EU Digital COVID Certificate to Become Global Standard
August 31, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: A Realistic Present, An Optimistic Future