Establish Your Credibility and Influence in Business Travel

The Global Travel Professional® Certification program is designed for individuals who are committed to leadership and knowledge of business travel. The program establishes the business travel industry standard of knowledge and positions Certification holders as credible and influential leaders. The GTP® Certification Program brings three key benefits to those who earn their certification:

  • Advance your career in business travel management
  • Showcase your career commitment to peers and leadership team
  • Amplify your ability to contribute to strategic business objectives

How it Works

Participants can earn their certification by taking the 125-question exam that is offered during two testing windows each year. Based on GBTA research and analysis, we have curated four areas of knowledge tested by the exam; Strategic Business Planning, Buyer/Supplier Relations, Travel Program Administration, and Data/Analytics/Finance. Explore the body of knowledge in the Test Content Outline.

The Certification is valid for 3 years and can be extended by earning 50 Recertification credits before the expiration date.

Upcoming Testing Windows

The GTP exam is available internationally on-site at a Prometric testing center or through remote proctoring. For more information, please visit

Testing Window: October 5-November 9, 2024
Application Deadline: September 11, 2024

Prepare & Study

  • Download the Exam Candidate Handbook to review all the necessary details on the timeline and things to expect once you have submitted an application for review.
  • The Advanced Principles of Business Travel Management Academy course serves as a preparatory course for individuals interested in taking the GTP Examination and as a refresher for GTP recertification.
  • Use the exam study guide, that you’ll receive after approval of your application along with confirmation and scheduling details.
  • Take the practice exam to assess your current skill set and identify areas of improvement. The practice test consists of 50 questions and upon completion of the online practice test, you will receive an instant score report showing test performance in each of the content areas. For $75 USD, you get two opportunities to access the exam (fees are subject to change).

Take the Exam

The GTP® examination consists of 125 multiple-choice questions and is offered in English only. Only one of the four answer choices is correct. There are no trick questions. There are no “all of the above” and “none of the above” responses.

Candidates will only be scored on 100 out of the 125 questions. This is because 25 are considered pretest questions and are placed randomly throughout the examination. Pretest questions do not affect the score and are used to collect statistical data and to ensure the test connects to the established test content. This process is critical to ensuring that questions are statistically accurate and that the item bank is continuously updated.

General information – GBTA: [email protected]
Exam information – PTC: [email protected]
Scheduling and Proctoring information – Prometric:


$350 USD
Member Price*

*Fees are subject to change

$450 USD
Non-Member Price*

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Maintain Your GTP® Recertification

The GTP recertification helps you stay up-to-date in concepts, technology, principles, and best practices while providing employers and professionals with a method of assessing continued growth. Your GTP Certification is valid for three (3) years ending in either June or December. You must complete all 50 recertification credits before the expiration date listed on your certificate. GBTA does not track candidate credits. Use GBTA’s GTP Recertification Tracking Spreadsheet to manage your earned credits, Coming Soon!

Once you have collected all fifty credits, visit the Recertification Portal to input your credits and pay the reapplication fee. You will receive your new GTP Certificate within 30 days. You must complete this before the expiration date listed on your certificate.

If you did not earn 50 recertification credits in time, you can apply to take the GTP Certification exam before the expiration date on your certificate. In cases where a GTP holder cannot obtain the required recertification credits and did not complete the GTP Certification exam by the required renewal date, a request for an extension should be sent in writing to GBTA Academy at [email protected]. Please reference the GTP Recertification Handbook for the criteria and extension request process. Not all extension requests are eligible for extensions.

If you do not earn the necessary recertification credits or retake the exam within the three-year period, your GTP will expire. If you let your certificate expire, you may not refer to yourself as a GTP or use the GTP credential. To attain the GTP again, you will be required to reapply by submitting the initial application, submitting the associated fees, and retaking the examination.


Member Price*

*Fees are subject to change

Nonmember Price*

Not only do GBTA members get discounts on professional development like this one, but they also receive exclusive content, downloadable tools, access to the GBTA Hub and so much more. Join Now!

Approved Provider Program

The GTP® Approved Provider Program allows organizations that offer business travel-related educational sessions the opportunity to award recertification credits to GTP® certification holders. The program is designed to enhance the ongoing professional development of GTP® credential holders by offering quality learning experiences related to the field of business travel management. One (1) recertification credit hour is awarded for 60 minutes of education. Time dedicated to non-educational activities, such as exhibit halls, meals, entertainment, and the like does not count toward recertification credits. GBTA will electronically forward the approved sessions to accepted applicants. For a full list of approved providers, please contact [email protected].
There are two steps in the Approved Provider Program:

  1. Qualify as an Approved Provider
  2. Submit content for review

Benefits of GTP® Approved Providers

  • Publicize your organization as a GTP® Approved Provider.
  • Receive an approved provider seal for use in marketing and onsite materials as well as on attendee certificates of completion.
  • Organization or name will be listed as a GTP® Approved Provider.
  • Permitted to link to the GTP® section of the GBTA website

Criteria for GTP® Approved Providers

  • Organization has been a legal business entity for at least one year.
  • Organization has offered business travel management education for at least one year.
  • Content is consistent with current GTP® Test Content Outline.

Approved Provider Authorization Process

  • Applications are processed within 30 days of receipt.
  • GBTA will notify applicant of status via email.
  • Approved Providers must submit a new application annually before their status expires.

Approved Providers

Application & Fees

Apply and become an Approved Provider. Only approved providers can offer GTP® recertification credits for qualifying programs, events, or sessions. Submit a review form for each program hosted.
Note: Chapters are automatically considered Approved Providers. Full list of Chapters
Fees subject to change


Annual Application & Fee
Apply / $1,000

Program Review Application
& Fee

Per session
Review / $100

GBTA Chapter

Annual Application & Fee

Program Review Application
& Fee

Per session


Annual Application & Fee
Apply / $1,000

Program Review Application
& Fee

Per session
Review / $100


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