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GBTA’s educational toolkit aims to provide the structure and content for chapters and partner associations to deliver engaging in-person training enriched by practical case studies, participant pre-work, and learning discussion prompts.

Why this course?

The Fundamentals of Business Travel Management™  course curriculum serves as a guide to the key facets and best practices of managed travel and procurement, and is an excellent professional development opportunity for students and professionals looking to enter the industry as well as business travel professionals who are new to the role, have changed companies, or are looking for a different perspective to expand their programs.

What our students are saying

What’s included in the Toolkit
  • Course outline
  • Tutorial videos
  • Presentation deck
  • Briefing session
  • Program updates

Facilitators will be provided access to video lectures and may participate in a Train the Trainer session with one of the experienced GBTA Academy instructors.

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