Little Things Add Up

If an emergency occurred at your event right this instant, would you have the proper strategies in place to handle it? When it comes to risk management, little things add up to big protection for both your attendees and organization. GBTA recently held a webinar entitled Risk Management, Safety, & Security – Little Things Add Up to offer practical safety and security measures that organizations can implement for better risk management.

College of Coastal Georgia Speaker & Professor Tyra W. Hilliard talked through the basics of emergency awareness, encouraging participants to focus their energy on preventing and mitigating emergencies as much as possible. Tyra also shared three crucial pieces of advice, before allowing participants to share their own best practices for emergency preparedness.

  1. Keep it above the line
    • Negate the effects and reduce the likelihood of emergencies as much as possible. Do everything you can to prevent risk and prepare to ensure an easier and quicker response and recovery.

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  1. Worry about the right things
    • Although road traffic is the leading cause of death of U.S. travelers in foreign countries, international meeting planners reported terrorism, economy, health concerns and natural disasters as their top fears.

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  1. Not “another” thing
    • Don’t think of safety and security as “just another thing” that has to be done. Integrate safety and security into everything you already do, and think of it as a process, instead of a product.

GBTA members may view the webinar in full through the Hub. These sessions are just around the corner:

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