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O que Shake Shack e Delta Air Lines têm em comum?

This Sunday is National Cheeseburger Day. What exactly does this have to do with one of the major U.S. airlines though? Today, Delta announced it will be serving Shake Shack burgers to its Delta One business class customers flying from JFK to LAX on Sunday in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. In addition, all flyers between JFK and LAX this Sunday will get a coupon for a free ShackBurger at the LA West Hollywood Shake Shack.

During GBTA Convention this year, GBTA Executive Director Mike McCormick sat down with Delta’s SVP of Global Sales, Bob Somers. While they didn’t talk burgers, they did talk innovation and ideas. Bob shared that innovation is in Delta’s DNA and being thoughtful, reliable and innovative is what their employees focus on every day.

He also talked about safety and security, calling it more important than any other initiative and something for the industry to work together on even as they fiercely compete in other areas.

Veja a entrevista completa:

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