TSA Talks What’s Next for PreCheck at GBTA Legislative Summit

Simone Davis, Executive DHS Liaison Officer, Transportation Security Administration spoke about TSA PreCheck at the 15th Annual GBTA Legislative Summit, an event that brings more than 100 travel professionals to Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers to share opinions on key issues.

Davis discussed the intelligence driven risk-based security system with attendees. She stated that the majority of passengers are low risk so having them sign up for PreCheck allows TSA to know more about an individual passenger in order for them to move along more efficiently. “The more info we have about a passenger, the easier it is to access risk.”

While discussing some of the program’s successes, Davis told attendees that nearly 97 percent of TSA PreCheck passengers wait 5 minutes or less in line at security. She stated that they are excited to have 30 airlines participating which equals about 95 percent of all air trips at 180+ airports. The program also now has 10.4 million participants.

She told attendees to expect non-U.S. based carriers to be joining in Q2. When asked what was next for PreCheck, Davis answered that they are hoping to expand engagement and loyalty programs; they are exploring new enrollment options and centers; they are hoping to increase airlines participation reaching more air travelers; and, that this summer they will be rolling out an enrollment center pop up tour.

Previous GBTA research has shown business travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck report a significantly better air travel experience than their peers who have not.

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