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Week in Review

The FAA now recognizes Alaska Airlines and Virgin America as one airline, signaled by the issuance of a single operating certificate, Business Traveller reports.

Bank of America analysts suggest the U.S. tax bill will increase corporate spending and, in turn, business travel, according to Business Traveller.

Amsterdam is set to impose a 30-day annual limit on Airbnb-type rentals in order to combat the unintended consequences of tourism, Inquirer notes.

To the surprise of few, a new study from Columbia University reveals frequent business travel takes a toll on your mental health. Business Traveller notes frequent travelers are more likely to report symptoms of depression and anxiety than their more stationary counterparts.

Hilton is testing out innovative products for the hotel room of the future including a real-time translation earpiece, USA TODAY reports.

According to TravelDailyNews International, the airlines of Lufthansa Group are altering how miles are assigned in their loyalty program Miles & More.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to reinvent the way companies function, and Hotelmarketing’com shares four categories where AI will impact hotels in the coming years.

Business Traveller finds Delta has been named the world’s most punctual airline, boasting an on-time rating of 85.94 percent in 2017.

Emirates and Etihad have joined forces for airline security by agreeing to share information and intelligence with each other, The Economic Times reports.

According to CNET, European ride-sharing company Taxify launched in Sydney recently, bringing competition to the city’s transportation market.

Cathay Pacific introduced Business Plus in India, enabling travel professionals to manage employee bookings, assign and redeem points and more, Business Traveller notes.

The Independent finds Ryanair lost its spot as Europe’s biggest airline to Lufthansa due in part to a rostering error.

Throughout Asia and Europe, high-speed rail services are giving airlines a run for their money. Bloomberg reports certain train routes are comparable to air travel in terms of price and speed.

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