Китай продолжает развиваться быстрыми темпами, несмотря на недавние экономические волнения

Singapore (October 21, 2015) – Business tourism in China and India will develop rapidly (growth rates will be measured in double digits), which is clearly indicated by the stable economic situation of both countries.

Despite the recent unrest in the Chinese economy, it is expected that by the end of 2015, the growth of business tourism spending will be 11.2%, and by the end of 2016 – by 10.7%. Taking into account these figures, analysts expect that China will become the largest market for business tourism spending by the middle of 2016, and the total increase in spending in the period 2014 – 2019 will be more than 60%.

Business tourism is developing rapidly in India, where the projected growth at the end of 2015 will be 11.1%. A similar growth is expected in 2016.

These and other data are contained in the semi-annual report on the development of business tourism in the BRIC countries, which is prepared on a regular basis by the GBTA Foundation, with the support of Visa, Inc.

“We no longer consider the BRIC countries as a single unit in the development of business tourism,” said Mikes McCormick, Executive Director of the International Business Travel Association. “Ten years ago it seemed that these 4 countries would develop at a similar fast pace in all directions, but eventually their paths were dispersed as a result of political and economic events in each of these countries. China and India continue to demonstrate growth and development of business tourism, even at such a difficult time for the global economy, while Russia and Brazil are facing increasing instability and uncertainty. ”

Forecast on the development of the business tourism industry in Russia: strong counter winds
The business tourism industry in Russia is experiencing the impact of strong headwinds. Analysts expect a 17% drop in business tourism spending by the end of 2015 to reach $ 17.5 billion. Earlier, the forecast spoke of a decrease of only 2.7%. In 2016, the decline in indicators will continue by another 10.1% to $ 13.7 billion.

A full report on the development of the business tourism industry in Russia for 2016 is published on the website www.gbta.org/russia

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