GBTA Calls For Details On Return To International Travel

Alexandria, VA  – GBTA supports the goals of the six-point plan to tackle the surge
of COVID-19 put forth by President Biden today. The importance of vaccinations and testing are
important and GBTA fully supports these initiatives.
However, we were disappointed that another week has gone by without any details from the COVID
Task Forces on when or how international travel to the U.S. will resume. The border restrictions put in
place by President Trump and continued by the Biden Administration continue to block vaccinated
travelers from the United Kingdom, Canada, European Union or Mexico from coming into the U.S. These
restrictions, put into place prior to the availability of vaccines, have outlived their purpose and
effectiveness. The continuation of these restrictions only serve to harm the U.S. economy.
GBTA continues to urge the Biden Administration to develop a framework of risk-based protocols to
guide international travel, rather than the blanket travel restrictions that are currently putting a drag on
travel and the economic recovery. Such a framework should be easy to understand, to communicate,
and to implement.
– Statement from Suzanne Neufang, CEO, Global Business Travel Association

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