WINiT for Women Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of WINiT’s acquisition by GBTA?

Since WINiT was founded in 2014, the organization has grown to over 3,000 members in more than 40 countries. GBTA boasts over 9,000 members in more than 100 countries. WINiT members will have access to GBTA’s expanded network of members, industry professionals, programming and more – all while enjoying continued WINiT programming, events and educational opportunities.  


The acquisition optimizes the time, resources and financials of GBTA’s and WINiT’s collective members and sponsors.


WINiT specifically benefits from the acquisition with expanded reach and WINiT content at GBTA events and conferences globally. GBTA is able to leverage the WINiT brand and programs focused on gender equality, which complements GBTA educational initiatives.

I am a member of WINiT. What happens with my membership?

We expect to be able to share more information about membership options this fall. In the meantime, WINiT Members will continue to have access to all existing WINiT programs and services. If you are not yet familiar with GBTA, we welcome you to review our programs and services, and look forward to working with you.

What will remain the same and what will change?

Leadership from both organizations are working diligently to finalize a detailed “go forward” plan that will address the programming and membership opportunities resulting from the acquisition. The same top-notch, high-level programming and networking you’ve come to expect from both organizations will remain in place during this transition period.

As a Member of WINiT, will I receive credit towards a GBTA membership? I am a member of WINiT and GBTA. Will there be a combined membership rate if I want to maintain both memberships? Will my membership with WINiT be honored at GBTA until the expiration date? Will I have access to GBTA programming and discounts to GBTA events with this?

We are currently working through a variety of program options regarding membership for both GBTA and WINIT members. Stay tuned for more information about membership options and updates to all of these questions.

I'm a member of the meeting, events and exhibition industry which WINiT supported. How will GBTA continue that component of the WINiT mission?

WINiT has always understood and built its programs and services to address the complementary nature of the travel, meetings, events and exhibition industries. Leadership from both GBTA and WINIT are working to determine how to best support WINiT Members that represent the meeting, event and exhibition industries and GBTA recognizes the critical role these leaders play in the synergies between travel and meetings.

How do I sign up for volunteer opportunities with WINiT?

WINiT and GBTA continue to thrive through the generous support of volunteers. To support WINiT in a volunteer capacity, please complete the volunteer application form.

How do I sign up for volunteer opportunities with GBTA?

GBTA continues to thrive thanks to a robust volunteer network. Please fill out this form to support GBTA in a volunteer capacity.

I am actively engaged in a mentor relationship through the WINiT Mentor Program. How do I still track and manage that relationship going forward?

Both GBTA and WINiT have well developed mentor programs. The benefits, processes and resources associated with both programs will be assessed by leadership from both organizations after which a go forward plan will be developed and announced in this fall.

Will WINiT maintain current operations?

WINiT, as a non-profit organization, will be fully integrated as a GBTA business unit by the end of 2018. More information about the operational impact of the acquisition will be available in the coming months.

Will WINiT’s staff continue to support WINiT programming under GBTA?

Under GBTA, WINiT’s programming, including WINiT events and educational offerings, will continue normal operations staffed by long-time WINiT team members Dawn Repoli, Laura Richey and Sue Wyslick.

How do I cancel my recurring WINIT membership?

WINiT Members can follow the existing cancellation process. WINiT requires written notification of cancellation by the 25th of the month to stop your draft for the next month. To cancel, email us at

Where can I go for more information about GBTA’s programming?

Visit to learn more and view our events calendar here.