Assessing and Building Your Managed Travel and Sustainable Travel Programs

At this week’s GBTA Conference in Frankfurt, the GBTA Foundation in partnership with BCD Travel is launching two newly updated and completely revamped global resources: the Sustainability in Travel Self-Assessment Tool and the Managed Travel Index® (MTI®).

“We are very proud to have been part of such important and wide-ranging projects,” said Kathy Jackson, BCD Travel’s executive vice president of global account management and executive chair of corporate social responsibility. “At BCD Travel we recognize that a travel program can contribute to a company’s goals by improving continuously. Both tools will help travel buyers bring their travel programs to the next level.”

The Sustainability in Travel Self-Assessment Tool will allow organizations to measure themselves in 10 different areas, identifying strengths and weaknesses in their travel program as it relates to sustainability.

The new tool will now provide recommendations based on input and will identify specific resources for improving or implementing sustainability initiatives for travel programs. The Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool can transform the entire process of planning and implementing a robust sustainability travel program.

The tool is incredibly easy to use and can be completed section by section over time, or all at once – it is up to you. Implementing a sustainability program is no easy task, but this tool is the perfect guide for any company looking to implement or improve upon successful sustainability initiatives.

The MTI® has been completely updated as well. The new tool is redesigned, improved and globalized, so those familiar with the older version would hardly recognize this one.

The Index helps benchmark the effectiveness of a managed travel program. It has been designed exclusively for non-supplier travel professionals. It is customizable to a specific program based on the information provided.

Like an expert consultant, it reviews your travel program and identifies specific ways to make it better.  The tool and the recommendations are available in French, English, German and Spanish.

Because most travel professionals are short on time, the tool has also been designed similar to the Sustainability Self-Assessment tool to be completed in a variety of ways. You now have the ability to go section by section, saving your progress and returning as your time allows, or you can simply do it all in one sitting.

Both tools are available now to all GBTA buyer members.

Combined, these two global resources can help travel professionals with a start-to-finish assessment of their managed travel and sustainability programs.