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Partner Event - SmartFuture for Leaders

Event Start Date: Jun 23, 2020 1:00 PM

Event End Date: Jun 23, 2020 4:30 PM

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Partner Event - SmartFuture for Leaders

June 23, 2020


The key is to unlock the power of our ‘goals’. If by working smarter you can now take 10 steps forward in the time it used to take you to make 6 or 7 – where are those steps taking you? What direction are you heading in? What will your gains in productivity achieve for you personally?

Conversations have revealed that most people know a bit about goals and goal setting but there were gaps in their knowledge.  Few were up to date with the latest thinking in this area and many confirm their goal setting is a bit “hit & miss”.

The SmartFuture for Leaders programme has been designed to put that right. We have the choice whether we want to set goals; and it is interesting to observe the choices people make. Why? Because despite the mountain of research which concludes that people who set goals effectively are frequently happier, healthier, wealthier & more successful; many people don’t set goals or do so half-heartedly.

So whether you want to help others achieve their goals, achieve more yourself, or a bit of both; the SmartFuture for Leaders programme gives participants vital insights which can help them and their teams achieve goals, with less effort and greater certainty.

Here are a selection of the important topics we will explore:-
The importance of goals (including the less obvious but equally vital reasons for setting them)
Why some people decide not to set goals (the case against doing it)
Goal setting best practice (including goal balance, goal focus & goal competition)
The art & science behind increasing your chances of success (managing the complementary and competing forces of logic & emotion)
What to do if you start to wobble, lose motivation or struggle (building resilience & staying power without the pain!)
How to make the process of achieving your goals interesting and enjoyable; and how to keep it that way (i.e. making it sustainable)
In a nutshell, “The SmartFuture for Leaders programme makes achieving what you want a bit easier, a bit more fun and a lot more likely!"

SmartFuture is perfect for leaders and managers from any forward thinking organisation who believe their team can truly achieve more. When employees are developed as well-rounded, focused and motivated individuals rather than just considered as employees, there are other significant benefits including:
Enhanced wellbeing
Increased focus and productivity
Reduced staff absence and turnover

*Previously listed as SmartWorking 2.



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