GBTA Brings Business Travel Education and Networking to India

During Convention, GBTA India’s new regional director, Gaurav Sundaram, joined us at the GBTA Broadcast studio to talk about what lies ahead for the region when it comes to business travel.

In April, we announced the launch of GBTA India as part of our continuing global expansion. Gaurav shared three primary objectives for the upcoming year: create a robust India chapter with 300 members, deliver a world-class Symposium with quality education and networking and support advocacy issues in the business travel domain in the region. View the full video below to learn more about what he sees as GBTA’s role in the region.

YouTube video

Next week, GBTA will bring together Indian business travel buyers and suppliers for a day of education and networking at the GBTA India Business Travel Symposium on September 6 in New Delhi.

Check GBTA’s YouTube Channel for even more insight and Broadcast Studio interviews from this year’s Convention.