Ground the Travel Tax Hike

Yesterday, a GBTA op-ed appeared on The Hill’s Congress Blog about our opposition to an increase in the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – yet another tax on business travelers. Road warriors strengthen the economy, create jobs and drive economic security. Travel should be promoted, not hit with never-ending taxes and fees.


Here is an excerpt from the piece where we ask Congress to #StopTheTravelTax:

The U.S. economy in May added 280,000 jobs, and job-seekers appear to be moving back into the workforce.  That’s a welcome relief, especially after the U.S. Department of Commerce reported last month that economic growth in Q1 2015 shrank by 0.7 percent.  Clearly, our economy is still fragile, and we must do more to create an environment that supports growth.

That’s why it’s puzzling that President Obama and some Republicans and Democrats in Congress would band together in an unlikely alliance to push for a massive hike on business and recreational air travelers – to the tune of $2.3 billion every year.  This is simply a tax increase on travelers by another name, which will slow airline travel, and by extension, slow economic growth. Let’s not ground the economy with an unneeded, ill-advised tax.

Head over to The Hill’s website to read the full article.