Help GBTA Members Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

*This post has also been distributed as an email to GBTA members.*

By now, most of you have seen numerous news stories of the historic flooding in Houston and surrounding areas in recent days. As a Houston area resident, my heart goes out to all that are impacted by the devastation resulting from Hurricane Harvey.

As travel professionals, we are all familiar with the care and caution exercised to keep our travelers safe on the road no matter what circumstances they face. The business travel community has a unique resiliency, and has repeatedly showcased the ability to come together and stand strong in the face of many adverse situations from terrorist attacks to natural disasters.

Now, some of our own are facing the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey. Nearly 600 individuals who are members of GBTA or Texas BTA live in the impacted areas.

If you would like to help, you can always make a donation to the Red Cross. You may also donate to a GoFundMe campaign created specifically for GBTA or Texas BTA members who were impacted. Funds will be made available for those impacted members in need of food, medication, clothing, temporary housing, transportation to work, etc. Please help share this donation opportunity via social media and other forms of communication.

Again, I send my deepest sympathies to all the victims of Hurricane Harvey. My thoughts and prayers are with Houston as the city comes together and rebuilds.