Message From the Office of the GBTA President

*This post was also distributed as an email to GBTA members.*

As usual, GBTA continues to be busy, producing numerous events, resources and more. Below is a brief update on what has been happening.

Recently, we launched our all-new and improved GBTA Hub. Like our website, our redesigned digital platform will now be mobile-friendly and much easier to use. It will allow you to connect with other business travel professionals throughout the world and enable you to access research, white papers and other material to remain current with the latest business travel trends. These are exciting changes and enhancements and will help us serve you better by providing you with the information you need to be even more successful in your careers. I encourage you to check it out today.

Curitiba: GBTA just concluded its second annual conference in Brazil. The conference provided attendees with exciting panels, keynote speakers and presentations. Topics covered everything from the GBTA Business Travel Index (BTI) to the impact of the shared economy on corporate mobility.

Canada: GBTA also concluded our premier business travel conference in Toronto. The conference brought together more than 800 attendees, breaking attendance records once again. The conference hosted thought-provoking industry panels and business-focused speakers discussing hot topics such as technology, innovation and security.

GBTA Podcast
GBTA launched a new podcast series on March 7 called “The Business of Travel.” It features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders on topics that matter and affect our industry. To date, episodes have covered reducing costs in your business travel program, forecasting the future of business travel, the impact of Brexit, airline regulations and more. It is easy to listen and even subscribe to the series. The podcasts are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. The podcast is also available on our blog. I encourage you to tune in each week and I guarantee you will enjoy it and learn something new.

Committee Highlight: Hotel Committee
The GBTA Hotel Committees provide strategic direction and best practices on business travel issues that are unique to the hotel and lodging industry. The committees provide leadership to GBTA members and the global business travel community through educational opportunities, resources, strategic direction and universal standards for international hotel and lodging professionals, as it relates to the hotel industry. The Hotel Committees are set up in the United States and in Europe, encompassing a broad range of volunteers.

The committees work throughout the year on various projects and deliverables such as production of educational sessions, whitepapers and webinars and providing continual training and awareness of the GBTA Global RFP format to be presented at GBTA Convention. The committees will also be very involved in the forthcoming GBTA Global Accommodations RFP project. This project aims to update the current RFP format for procurement of accommodations.

This year at the GBTA Convention, the committee will specifically deliver educational content on Revenue Management and Innovations for Lodging Programs.

At the most recent GBTA Europe Conference, the committee delivered a very well-received session, which focused on educating, summarizing and looking for solutions to the pain points with hotel program management. The committee is now looking at topics for GBTA Conference 2018 – Berlin in Partnership with VDR, based on the feedback they received on the needs of members.

Call for Nominations: GBTA Board of Directors
It is that time of year again! There are four open positions—three positions for Direct Member at Large for a term of three years to begin at the close of GBTA Convention 2018 through Convention 2021 and one position for an Allied Member at Large for a term of two years to begin at the close of GBTA Convention 2018 through Convention 2020. Direct Members at Large will be elected by GBTA Direct Members and Allied Members at Large will be elected by GBTA Allied Members. Volunteering on the Board is a chance for our industry’s leaders to make a long-term positive impact on our profession. If you are passionate about business travel or know someone who is, please submit a nomination. For more information, click here.

As always, thank you to our members for your continued support and commitment. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions you may have.