Please be aware of and report any fraudulent unauthorized solicitation from GBTA or the use of our Mark(s) “Global Business Travel Association” and “GBTA.” If you receive a call or email from any company that is not our official housing provider or that is offering any lists with complete attendee contact information including email and phone numbers, please contact us immediately at [email protected]. We are doing everything we can to address this situation and appreciate your cooperation. Below is a list of unauthorized solicitors.

Vendors, Attendees, and Exhibitors Lists

No outside entity has been provided or is authorized to sell any information related to our vendors, attendees, exhibitors, or other information. We will never email or call you to ask you to purchase a list.

Housing for GBTA Convention 2023, Dallas

You may receive solicitations via email, phone, fax, or letter from other companies and housing providers. onPeak is the only Authorized Housing Vendor for GBTA Convention 2023. No other companies or providers have authorization or permission from GBTA to serve as official providers on housing arrangements, including room blocks. If another company contacts you directly about reservations for GBTA, do not book with them and contact onPeak or GBTA immediately. Booking with unauthorized housing providers puts you at risk, and GBTA cannot be held responsible.

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onPeak is the only Authorized Housing Vendor for GBTA Convention.


All credit card information is gathered online via the GBTA Convention 2023 housing portal. Neither GBTA nor onPeak will ask you to fill out a paper form to collect credit card information to secure hotel rooms.

Unauthorized Seller List

The following individuals/companies, including but not limited to, have contacted GBTA members and affiliates to either sell an attendee list or offer hotel rooms. These individuals/companies are not authorized to sell any information related to our vendors, attendees, or exhibitors.

Agnus Martin, [email protected]

Alesha Dixon, [email protected]

Alice Jocky, [email protected]

Alisa Scott, [email protected]

Amelia Murphy, [email protected]

Amy Watson, [email protected]

Andrea Thriston, [email protected]

Angela Heaton, [email protected]

Ashley Rosa, [email protected]

Bani Dey, [email protected]

Belinda Smith, [email protected]

Belinda Smith, [email protected]

Beverly Kracher, [email protected]

Brenda Lane, [email protected]

Carol Fleischman, [email protected]

Carol Smith, [email protected]

Carol Smith, [email protected]

Carol Smith, [email protected]

Carol Wilson, [email protected]

Carrie Kepple, carrie[email protected]

Catherine Swin, [email protected]

Cherry Smith, [email protected]

Christine Adams, [email protected]

Clarissa Ayala, [email protected]

Cynthia Hougardy, [email protected]

David Allen, [email protected]

David Bell, [email protected]

Deborah West, [email protected]

DocuSign NA3 System, [email protected]

Ellie Anderson, [email protected]

Elvine Mathews, [email protected]

Emilia Clarke, [email protected]

Emily Ferrer, [email protected]

Emily Joseph, [email protected]

Emma Pearson, [email protected]

Florencia Hernandez, [email protected]

Gabriella Parker, [email protected]

George Taylor, [email protected]

GHS Corp, [email protected]

Gloria Nelson, [email protected]

Grace Alexander, [email protected]

Hana Green, [email protected]

Helen Ames, [email protected]

Irene Reyes, [email protected]

Janet Chua, [email protected]

Jennifer Holland, [email protected]

Jennifer John, [email protected]

Jennifer Peck, [email protected]

Jenny Cortney, [email protected]

Jerry Bowers, [email protected]

Jessica Barr, [email protected]

Jessica Barr, [email protected]

Jessica Smith, [email protected]

Jessica Smith, [email protected]

Jessica Smith, [email protected]

Judy Eastman, [email protected]

Julia Gray, [email protected]

Julia Parker, [email protected]

Juniper Mack, [email protected]

Karen Smith, [email protected]

Karen Smith, [email protected]

Kathleen Fisher, [email protected]

Kathleen Johnson, [email protected]

Kathy Wilson, [email protected]

Katie Russell, [email protected]  

Katy Curry, [email protected]

Kayla Wood, [email protected]

Keely Fillo, [email protected]

Kimberly Currier, [email protected]

Kim Vicky,

Kristi Miller, [email protected]

Lauren Harrelson, [email protected]

Lea Jewel, [email protected]

Letitia Jennifer, [email protected]

Linda Nackaerts, [email protected]

Lisa Egan, [email protected]

Lisa Eifert, [email protected]

Lisa Lavin, [email protected]

Lisa Stevens, [email protected]

Liza Gayle, [email protected]

Lucy Stone, [email protected]

Mais Brasil Tour, [email protected]

Malaysia Mike, [email protected]

Maria Rodriguez, [email protected]

Maria Williams

Marilyn Turner, [email protected]

Mark Remsen, [email protected]

Marsha Blake, [email protected]

Mary Brown, [email protected]

Matt Coen, [email protected]

Mia Irwin, [email protected]

Mia Karter, [email protected]

Mia Parker, [email protected]

Michael Wenof, [email protected]

Mike Johnson, [email protected]

Monika Benson, [email protected]

Mya Berry, [email protected]

Nancy Betty, [email protected]

Nancy Brown, [email protected]

Nancy Kane, [email protected]

Nancy Taylor, [email protected]

Nancy Wood, [email protected]

Nicky Brooks, [email protected]

Nicole Warner, [email protected]

Nikki Fenn, [email protected]

Nikki Haley, [email protected]

Patricia Harris, [email protected]

Peggy Jason, [email protected]

Rachel Crystal, [email protected]

Rebecca Pearson, [email protected]

Res Prohousing, [email protected]

Res ProhousingUS, [email protected]

Reservation, [email protected]

Reservations Allcbsus, [email protected]

Reservations, [email protected]

Reservations Pro, [email protected]

Reservations WWE.US, [email protected]

Riley Davis, [email protected]

Robert Williams, [email protected]

Rose Watson, [email protected]

Sam William, [email protected]

Sandra Davis, [email protected]

Sandra Joewl, [email protected]

Sania Philips, [email protected]

Sara Cooper, [email protected]

Sara Hanna, [email protected]

Sara James, [email protected]

Sara Messina, [email protected]

Sara Walker, [email protected]

Shelly Scarpelli, [email protected]

Sofia Clark, [email protected]

Sophie Jones, [email protected]

Sophia Morton, [email protected]

Sophia Murphy, [email protected]

Stacey Connor, [email protected]

Stephanie Christesen, [email protected]

Steven Hay, [email protected] 

Susan Aiden, [email protected]

Susan Cummings, [email protected]

Susan Cummings, [email protected]

Tania Crowe, [email protected]

Thomas Moses, [email protected]

Travel Partner International, [email protected]

Victoria Gates, [email protected]

Victoria Samuel, [email protected]

Will Parker, [email protected]