Tech Safari Series: Snowfall Offers an Ecosystem to Business Travel

The GBTA Tech Committee brings you the podcast version of the Tech Safari Series which showcases new technologies launching cutting-edge solutions in business travel. In this episode, Katie Virtue, GBTA Tech Committee Member talks with Ron Glickman from Snowfall to learn more about the company and it’s new ecosystem offering to the business travel industry. Ron Glickman has over 20 years of experience growing businesses in the aviation and travel technology industries. After successfully scaling Etihad Airways’ global corporate sales channel to record results, he launched the North America operations of Air Italy. In 2021, Ron brought his area expertise to the technology sector, and he current serves as Vice President, North America of Snowfall, where he is involved in architecting solutions. Ron talks about Snowfall’s Junction products that serve travelers on the end-to-end journey including multimodal booking, different content such as on-trip experiences, automated timing alerts to relieve potential journey friction points and payment solutions. Names: Katie Virtue, Festive Road and Ron Glickman, Snowfall.