The Dawn of the Employee-Centric Travel Program

Based on a recent GBTA study, sponsored by Deem, travel managers are challenged with understanding and providing technology solutions for accessible travel. Almost a third of travel managers say their corporate booking tool does a poor job accommodating these travelers and two-thirds say their company does not have clearly defined processes or resources for accessible travel.
Business travelers also report difficulties when booking trips – facing challenges such as vision, cognitive or motor impairments that can make it impossible to use traditional devices and websites effectively.
Join GBTA and Deem’s Head of Product Design, April Durrett, as they discuss the latest research and evolving technology design principles, and how that impacts travel for everyone — with or without disabilities.
In this podcast you’ll learn how:
* Travel managers are feeling about their current accessibility challenges
* Travelers with impairments navigate online booking solutions
* Accessible technology can encourage policy adoption and boost employee compliance
* Creating accessible solutions helps more people travel more confidently
* Meeting WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines makes a difference for all of your travelers