TSA CMO Talks Expanding TSA PreCheck Enrollment at Legislative Symposium

John Sammon, chief marketing officer at TSA PreCheck spoke this morning at the 14th Annual Legislative Symposium, an event that brings more than 100 business travel professionals to Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers to share opinions on key industry issues.

Sammon told the packed room that TSA PreCheck’s goal is to have 25 million enrolled by 2019. The current enrollment is just over 7 million. Sammon announced that TSA was working on ways to boost enrollment, such as making PreCheck easier to purchase whether online or in person, working with outside organizations such as GBTA to help get the word out to its members and finally to put an end to managed inclusion, which was applauded by the attendees.

TSA Sammon

Sammon also cited GBTA research showing that the most important thing for travelers was ease in getting through security, which he said was another goal of TSA PreCheck. He concluded by answering attendee questions and listening to their comments on ways to improve PreCheck.