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Week in Review

It’s been a slow news week with the holidays, but we have a couple of stories to share to keep you updated on the latest business travel news.

Since President Trump has taken office, he has been in an ongoing battle with the courts regarding the legality of his travel bans. Most recently, an appeals court ruled that the third iteration of his travel ban is illegal, ThinkProgress reports.

Flights were temporarily suspended at Glasgow airport today due to significant snowfall across the UK, according to BBC News. The heavy snow, ice and winds are also causing other travel disruptions in the region, such as road closures and ferry closures.

Buying Business Travel notes Eurostar is offering passengers access to Amazon Prime Video content through the train company’s new app.

New York City officials are considering tacking on fees for ride-sharing vehicles due to “exacerbated traffic congestion in Manhattan”, Business Traveller reports.

According to Buying Business Travel, Hyatt introduced a 48-hour minimum cancellation policy across all its hotels, applying to bookings made or altered starting January 1, 2018.

Business Traveller notes Beijing is now offering six-day visa-free stays to travellers transiting through the city.

That’s all for this week. We’ll see you in 2018!