Call for Nominations: GBTA Board of Directors

Nominations Due by October 21, 2020

Each year in tandem with GBTA Convention, GBTA holds elections for its Board of Directors. In March, we opened up the call for nominations for this year’s open Board seats. This July while at Convention in Denver, we will be electing two new Direct Member directors at large and one new Allied Member director at large.

Volunteering on the Board is a chance for our industry’s leaders to make a long-term positive impact on our profession. Volunteering has benefits beyond that as well. You get to use your skills to work for a greater goal while getting the opportunity to network with and meet people who will expose you to new ideas and approaches that could benefit your professional life. I have been volunteering for GBTA in various facets beginning at the chapter level 21 years ago and many of the ideas and concepts I learned over the years at these events contribute significantly to my current role.

What does it mean to be on the Board?
The Board of Directors serves a crucial role in determining the long-term strategy and future governance needs of our Association. A Director attends about four in-person meetings of the Board throughout the year as well as periodic Board conference calls as needed. In addition, all Board Members attend the annual GBTA Convention where they participate in several leadership assignments, on and off stage.

All Board Members spend time deliberating on matters and policies related to the Association’s programs and services. In addition, Board Members should expect to carry out special assignments and make appearances at local chapter meetings, committee meetings or other forums where GBTA’s leadership presence is needed throughout the year.

Additionally, Allied Member positions on the Board will also serve on the GBTA Allied Leadership Council. This Council advises the Board on industry related matters from a supplier perspective.

Who Can Serve on the Board?
To be eligible to serve on the GBTA Board of Directors, you have to be a Direct or Allied member in good standing for the past two consecutive years and need to have completed at least one year of service with the Association or a local chapter.

For nominating purposes, any Direct member can nominate themselves or a qualified Direct member for the Board and any Allied member can nominate themselves or a qualified Allied member to serve.

How Can I Submit a Nomination?
You will need to fill out a simple online form. GBTA’s nomination and election process is run through a third party firm – Election Services Corp. (ESC). On March 23, you should have received an email from ESC announcing the call for nominations that included a personalized link to the nomination website. You have until April 20, 2016 to submit your nomination(s).

If you can’t find that email or if you have any questions about the online nomination process, please contact ESC by email at [email protected] or call toll-free +1 866 720 HELP (4357).

Once again, I strongly encourage you to nominate yourself or someone you know that would be a good addition to our Board. One of you could help make a difference in the future of our Association!

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