Do you know how to morph your TRM Program to a People Risk Program (PRM)?

Times are changing and we need to start thinking about the health and safety of all personnel, not just the traveler. So, how can we take an existing Travel Risk Program (TRM) and transform it into a People Risk Program (PRM)? As a Travel Program Manager you can make this a strategic organizational initiative and bring more value to your current role. You’re no longer just needing to know where the traveling staff is…….the company needs to understand where the “worker” is located. Where do we start? Well, we may have current support resources for our TRM Program that can provide services to support all personnel no matter their location. Can they support people NOT on a business trip but working from home, working from anywhere or working in ANY corporate office location.

Learn more about this hot industry topic at the GBTA August Convention where the Risk Committee will present an educational session.


When you leave this educational session you will have learned how to:

1.Recognize the risk to all your organizations’ workforce – employees and non-employees

2.Identify enhancement opportunities for your program.

3.Learn how to apply ISO 31030 to a people risk mitigation program

PRM is a change perspective
The asset that you are helping to protect is the Person, not just the Trip !

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