Spotlight on Michelle Ward, 2021 WINiT Top 50 Women in Travel Recipient

Michelle is a highly seasoned sales professional with 19 years of experience with Best Western/BWH Hotel group and over 25 years in the hospitality industry building relationships and creating new solutions for partnerships that deliver results for customers and hoteliers.

What advice would you give to women just starting their careers in business travel?

 Stay open-minded and always “manage the compass”.  Understanding that there will always be change and being ready to pivot and manage the new compass for that day is very important.  Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to share your opinions.  Your voice matters.

 Who or what inspires you to continue working hard, even on the most challenging days?

My clients trust in me.  And the employees of all the hotels around the globe that get up every day no matter what the circumstances are, they are ready to embrace and welcome guests despite having many setbacks as we have just experienced.    It’s their commitment that drives me to be a better me every day.

Why is the existence of a group like WINiT important in the industry?

It’s extremely important and relevant to both women and men.  While opportunities have improved significantly for women in travel, we still have some work to do and WINiT provides a platform to discuss issues and ideas, provide relevant feedback and support one another.