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Traditional Car Services in Today’s Corporate Travel World

Yesterday, Skift’s Andrew Sheivachman published an article saying traditional car services won’t disappear from the corporate travel world anytime soon.

“If all you did was read news reports and listen to the raves of fellow travelers, you would probably think that ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are rapidly putting traditional car services out of business. The reality, however, is more complicated,” he wrote.

Andrew also cited an IBISWorld report showing that car service use overall is on the rise and while ridesharing services gained market share in recent years, revenue and employees for traditional car services grew over that same period.

He spoke with Scott Solombrino, president and CEO of Dav El/Boston Coach Chauffeured Transportation Network, about a new on demand technology, similar to what ridesharing services use, coming soon from a group of hundreds of traditional car service companies across the country.

During our Convention this summer, GBTA Executive Director Mike McCormick caught up with Scott at the GBTA Broadcast Studio. Scott shared his excitement over this upcoming on demand platform and stressed that it would serve corporate travel only, meeting all of the duty of care demands that come with that.

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