VEEP to Speak at GBTA Convention

This July, the already hard-fought Presidential campaigns will only continue to heat up as Convention season approaches. Everyone wants to know who will ultimately get the nominations for each party and who will be tagged as their running mates. That is why I am so pleased to announce that the Vice President will be speaking at GBTA Convention 2016 this year on Monday, July 18. That is, Vice President Selina Meyer from the hit HBO series Veep.

In all seriousness, GBTA is thrilled to welcome Julia Louis-Dreyfus to the Convention Arena stage. Julia earned worldwide acclaim and recognition for her portrayal of ‘Elaine Benes’ in the hit NBC series Seinfeld, as ‘Christine Campbell’ in the CBS hit comedy The New Adventures of Old Christine and most recently as Vice President ‘Selina Meyer’ in the HBO series Veep. Between all shows combined, she has received an incredible seven Emmy Awards with twenty nominations, a Golden Globe Award with seven nominations, six Screen Actors Guild Awards with fourteen nominations, a Television Critics Association Award with three nominations and five American Comedy Awards with ten nominations.


I personally have been a fan since Julia’s Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld days, and find her latest efforts in Veep absolutely hilarious, so I am looking forward to the unique insight and humor that she can share with our attendees from her career as a performer.

GBTA Convention 2016 is all about balance. As technology continues to drive business traveler preferences and behavior, achieving and maintaining balance is more crucial than ever before, especially as the role of the travel buyer continues to evolve. Convention 2016 will bring together the most dynamic individuals in business travel for the ultimate networking and education experience. Hope to see you in Denver.