Managing Your Travel Policy Amid Aircraft Concerns

With the recent aircraft safety incidents and the Max 9 still grounded, companies are now dealing with travelers’ concerns about flying on certain aircraft. We are all faced with balancing the travel policy and budgets as well as ensuring that travelers are comfortable.

While some companies are taking a firm approach by prohibiting the use of certain types of aircraft, many are focusing on opening their travel policy to allow more choices for the traveler. Travel policy modifications may include allowing a threshold amount for the traveler to select flights using alternate aircraft. A policy should also be put in place to address previously booked reservations. Allowing changes or cancellations up to a certain amount will help the traveler adjust their flights to an aircraft type that they find more comfortable.

Make sure that all your travelers and arrangers are familiar with how to find the aircraft type in the flight display on your online booking tool. Allowing travelers to see the aircraft type with the available flights will help them to make the choices that are best for them. Those booking directly with an agent may simply ask to have the aircraft type included in the quote or request that they are not booked on a certain type of aircraft.

While air travel remains the safest form of travel, it is important to understand and address any of your travelers’ concerns. Communication is the key. Implement a channel to allow travelers to report concerns with a specific aircraft type or airline. Research and respond to each one of the concerns. Additionally, regular updates on airline safety improvements and enhancements will assure your employees that you are aware, monitoring the situation, and concerned with their well-being.